Women in Technology and what I have learned at Tasktop this week

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This week produced a series of subtle hints that remind me why I truly enjoy being a woman in the technology industry, especially at Tasktop. We arranged a “Ladies of Tasktop” evening out. As we were devoured our fabulous chocolate desserts, we started to dig into a host of possible product ideas – and what caught all of our attention was that many of our ideas revolved around facilitating more visual interactions with the technologies we use in our day to day jobs.

Ladies of Tasktop

We had a great time bantering back and forth about our opinions on why women (at least this group of women) seem to respond more naturally to visualizations and put greater emphasis on user interface in general.

Subtle Hint #1: Women often approach technology differently and the “ladies of Tasktop” have a great opportunity to influence next generation ALM interaction models. The night before our dinner, I went to the Eclipse Demo Camp along with five of my fellow female Tasktopians. We saw great demos of new Eclipse technology but that is not what struck me since there are always cool demos at Demo Camp! What struck me was that multiple people mentioned how great it was that so many women worked at Tasktop – both in engineering and otherwise.

Subtle Hint #2Tasktop has actively strived to create a culture and environment that values women throughout the organization. I am lucky to be a part of a company that values diversity and all sorts of different perspectives. But I am not alone in my observations concerning the value and importance of women and the challenges and opportunities that they face. I recommend that you read the incredibly insightful and thought provoking Atlantic Monthly article Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, by Anne-Marie Slaughter. As I started considering the article in the context of this week, another realization struck me…

Subtle Hint #3Having it all is largely dependent on your definition of “all” – At Tasktop, I am surrounded by an incredibly bright, innovative group of women – in a field that desperately needs more women to influence the future of our industry. And I have an amazing husband and two incredible kids at home. I think I have it “all”. While I may not always feel at home as a woman in this predominantly male field, there are times that I feel quite lucky to have fallen into this field. This week was one of those weeks.