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From exponential complexity to smooth user experience

Are you looking to solve hard problems? We got them. Our mission is is to make software delivery and DevOps a whole lot easier and effective through seamless integration of the critical information systems used in software delivery. Though the systems are many and the combinations exponential: we make it smooth and easy.


Tasktop is a thriving company that provides the Agile and DevOps integration infrastructure for the largest and most interesting organizations in the world. We make tools that help software delivery teams truly live DevOps by integrating their tools for maximum productivity and seamless processes. No more emailed spreadsheets and endless status update meetings. Our tools are used to create and deliver the software for websites, banking, and for manufacturing some of the most complicated and advanced software and devices ever produced.

We have created a flexible technology platform to enable integration with many systems, and there are many more to come! We build and test our software with our state of the art development tools and practices, executing over 500k tests/day supporting integration with more than 300 versions of integrated systems. From developing connectors to the latest repositories using our world class SDK, to modern REST web services with Angular front-ends, and automation with Chef and Docker, we need smart enthusiastic people to solve tough technical challenges.

There’s a lot of complexity behind the scenes and it’s our mission to simplify our users workflow by providing clean and useful interfaces so they can integrate their tools in minutes. No code, no custom development, just DevOps collaboration nirvana. We take O(n4) integration problems and make reliable, tested integration tools.

Solving those problems is an astounding team. This is group of smart and energetic software development pros, from engineers to product owners, to designers and quality engineering. Tasktop is a highly collaborative and engaging workplace where we work together to deliver easy solutions to tough integration challenges.

Sound like your thing?

Check out our careers page for details about life at Tasktop and what our people love about working here.

We’re hiring for a whole bunch of technical roles from Intermediate and Senior Software Engineers, UX Designer, Website Admin & Developer, IT Administrator, to Senior Software Engineering Manager. Details for all positions are on our current openings page.