A week in the life of Tasktop’s Product Team – from a Girl Scout

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This year, each girl in my Girl Scout troop had the chance pick a career site for the troop to visit that reflected her career interests. We visited Tasktop because one of my troop-mates was interested in a career in computer science.

I had chosen to meet with a Japanese teacher since I adore linguistics, however sitting in a software development company was more foreign to me than any language I had ever encountered! That said, the more I learnt about the Product team at Tasktop, the more I became interested in spending a week at Tasktop as an intern.

Getting familiar with the concept of the Product Team certainly did not disapp­­oint. Even at the first meeting, stereotypes of engineers sitting at the computer with Java open everywhere in the office were dispelled. I had no idea about the amount of creativity, teamwork, communication, and drive involved in software development until I actually was in the office.

As for the actual software part, that’s where things get muddled up in my brain. Somehow I’ve managed to grasp the concept of Hub, the main product that Tasktop actually makes. It’s essentially a system to hold data that can be easily translated to any of the repositories with the connectors (to me, at least), and it logically challenges you to think of new ideas and ways to improve this system without having to actually know much about coding.

Turns out, there’s more to a software company than just code, which was news to me. Of course, it’s a company, but I never exactly processed the fact that it’s still a company that also has to sell and market a product (although I think I would much prefer working in Product!). The amount of integration between different skills in Product is appealing to someone like me who admires design, communication between different languages, and puzzles for the brain to figure out.

I’ve certainly enjoyed my time being an intern at Tasktop. The subject matter was surprisingly incredibly engaging and exciting, and the people I got to interact with were amazing to be with.

Thank you for having me, Tasktop!