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This talk starts with look at the effect that tools have on our programming productivity. It then identifies the transformational benefits that the IDE has brought about, using Eclipse as an example. A new transformation is currently underway in the form of the task-focused interface, which is re-aligning the IDE experience around the user, leaving behind the limitations of the program structure-centric interface. Demos are sprinkled throughout, and the talk concludes with predictions of upcoming changes in development and productivity tools.

Mik Kersten at W-JAX
Less is More: Redefining the “I” of the IDE
Many thanks to the W-JAX conference for a great venue.

Recorded on Nov. 6th, 2008, the talk addresses the tough time that we are facing as an industry. We are all being asked to do more with less. One of the few good things about recessions is that they tend to increase productivity. The question is, how can we increase our productivity without burning ourselves out with ever longer workdays?

Productivity GuaranteeThe answer comes back to tools. If you spent your entire day working with Java and Bugzilla, Mylyn alone can make you dramatically more productive. We determined this with statistical significance in a peer-reviewed study of a broad range of Eclipse programmers. While the ecosystem of Mylyn connectors has been growing in diversity, we now have a set of connectors that are Tasktop Certified for enterprise use. The certification process enables us to ensure the productivity promise of Tasktop Dev, Mylyn and the task-focused interface. As of today, we are putting our brand behind that promise. If Tasktop Dev does not make you more productive, you get a full refund.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way that software tools can transform our ability to work, so it’s exciting for Tasktop to be offering the first productivity promise of this sort. While Tasktop will continue on its mission of offloading the brains of those who use it, we have just upgraded our slogan to: Be more productive. Guaranteed.