Vancouver Eclipse DemoCamp

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The love of camping, for many, is rooted in the experiences we had as kids being dropped off in the great outdoors for a week of fun, food, and friendship. We’d learn how to create shelter from branches and fire without matches; survival skills we’d hopefully never have to rely on. All too soon the week was over and it was time to say goodbye to all the new friends. Good times. Fast forward to November 25th, 2008, the 2nd Vancouver Eclipse Demo Camp. We had a bunch of similarly eager faces gathered around the warm glow of a projector waiting to see the latest in Eclipse-based Technology. It only lasted one evening but we all learned about cool stuff and met a bunch of great people over beers (no Marshmallows at this camp). I kicked things off with an overview of the Eclipse Ecosystem and its amazing growth to date, then we jumped right into demos.

Vancouver Eclipse Demo Camp 2008

David Green introduced us to WikiText, the slick new wiki syntax and rendering engine slated for Mylyn 3.1. Blog. Slides: adobe pdf

Jingwen Owen Ou then gave an excellent overview of his Google Summer of Code experience developing numerous features for Mylyn 3.1 including intelligent comment folding, find support in the task editor, and WikiText Mylyn integration. 

Kaitlin Duck Sherwood demonstrated Tripoli which leverages code coverage tooling to quickly locate where behavior is implemented.

Guillaume Pothier of Pleiad Lab, University of Chile presented TOD, an amazing debugging tool that can travel back in time to when and where a variable was set! Slides:

Mandeep Jassal of BusinessObject/SAP Vancouver demonstrated Crystal Reports for Eclipse which enables report construction and execution all from within Eclipse. An Eclipse RCP based Crystal Reports viewer was also demonstrated. Slides:

Andrew Eisenberg of SpringSource gave us a glimpse of the work he has done to make JDT more extensible though application of load time weaving (using AJDT). Slides: adobe pdf

Mik Kersten of Tasktop Technologies discussed the Task-Focused Interface and how Tasktop is able to use the modularity of Eclipse to address different market segments. Slides: adobe pdf

Thanks to all who participated this year and to each of the presenters. I hope to see you all again at the next Vancouver Eclipse DemoCamp!