Vampires, Zombies and SDLC Integration?

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Overheard at Tasktop: “Let me know what you think of the vampire. I’ll get started on the zombie.”

We have a Yammer group called Overheard at Tasktop where we share things heard around the office that sound funny out of context. There have been a lot of these conversations lately, like this snippet from a conversation I had with our graphic designer about the images she’s creating for our Halloween-themed webinar.

Halloween has always brought out my inner child, so I couldn’t be happier to get a chance to use zombies, vampires and other spooky stuff to talk about what happens when companies don’t have a good solution for integrating their software lifecycle tools.

We hear a lot of horror stories from our customers about how they were connecting their systems before they came to Tasktop – from mind-numbing manual processes, to homegrown point-to-point integrations that break when one of the endpoints is updated – and we’ve put them together into a webinar. We’re going to get a bit silly with our metaphors, but we’ll be discussing serious issues like a lack of traceability, plummeting employee engagement, and projects with thousands of hours spent on unproductive activities.

And did I mention there will be zombies?

Swivel seat integration turns bright minds into zombies. Register for the webinar to find a better way.