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I recently read Cote’s blog entry on the RedMonk CommunityOne day, where he mentioned Nitobi and Tasktop in the same sentence. At the end of this entry I’ll point out how amusingly small this made the world feel to me. That feeling inspired me to make a quick trace back through the thread of conferences and people that got me to where I’m sitting right now, at the JAX/EFE conference in Germany. I attended my first conference in 1998 while an undergrad. It was OOPSLA, chaired by Bjorn Freeman-Benson. I got hooked by participating in the Design Fest and learned a lot from its lead, Peter Kriens. Then I went to Gregor Kiczales’ AOP tutorial, was blown away by what modularity technology could do with good tool support, and a year later found myself at PARC working on AspectJ tools.

I returned to OOPSLA a year later for a nervous first talk about a web app that I implemented with AspectJ, which got me into some interesting discussions with Bjorn. At the following OOPSLA Gregor and I met Brian Barry of OTI, who told us about a yet unreleased IDE called Eclipse. Adrian Colyer and I got to working together on the AspectJ tool support for that Eclipse thing, with the AOSD conference as our regular meeting place. At last year’s AOSD Adrian and I laid out the plans for the SpringSource Tool Suite, and at the following JAX conference Rod Johnson and I explored the potential of a SpringSource and Tasktop partnership. A decade has passed since that first OOPSLA.

Just today I chatted with Peter Kriens who is doing some fantastic OSGi work (that’s finally influencing Sun), Rod gave a great keynote at JAX and we celebrated our partnership with beers afterwards, and Bjorn is still running my favorite conference (now EclipseCon). Here’s a photo from EclipseCon 2008 with Cory Doctorow, Mike Milinkovich, me and Bjorn (courtesy of Ralph Mueller).


If you’re in Wiesbaden this week, I’m presenting two talks at JAX / Eclipse Forum Europe. JAX is a great conference with a couple thousand attendees, but I can’t call it my favorite until I learn a lot more German. Given the Mylyn and Tasktop adoption in Germany, I should probably start taking night courses.

Mylyn: code at the speed of thought, Apr. 24, 10:00am
Towards the task-focused workday, Apr. 24, 1:45pm

The next conference on the Tasktop calendar is JavaOne. It’s great to get a chance to speak there because I haven’t set foot on a JavaOne stage since I did the demo portions of Gregor’s AspectJ talk in 2000. This will be a nice opportunity to position Mylyn’s Eclipse-based frameworks and the Task-Focused Interface in a broader context.

 Mylyn: code at the speed of thought, May 8, 10:50am

I did drop in on JavaOne last year, and the best part was meeting Cote and doing a couple of interviews with him, so I’m really looking forward to the RedMonk Community One day at JavaOne. Which brings me to my amusement about Cote mentioning both Tasktop and Nitobi in his post. The world started feeling even smaller because I read that post last Friday, moments before I headed up to Whistler to ski with Andre Charland, the Nitobi CEO, whom I know from the ski hill and not from the conference circuit. Here’s a picture of Andre above the Blackcomb Glacier on that day:


Small world. I’ve grown so accustomed to conferences bringing like-minded technology people together that I didn’t realize skiing could do so too. Hopefully this means that I don’t need to learn how to play golf.