The Flow Partner Program: Unlocking the Vast Potential of Value Stream Management (VSM)

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If your customers don’t know what’s slowing them down, or why their Agile and DevOps transformations are hitting a wall, then the Flow Partner Program is for you.

A leading U.S healthcare leader doubling its feature velocity. A telecom giant changing its outsourcing strategy to negotiate better terms with its service partners. An online investment firm discovering a system bottleneck impeding digital channel innovation; the Flow Framework® is yielding great success at some of the largest and most impactful organizations. Now, with the revitalized Flow Partner Program, our partners can access the very latest solutions and training to enjoy the same success

Agile and DevOps consulting services provide great value in accelerating development and deploy. But they have also become table stakes in enterprise software delivery. True business agility and rapid market response require accelerating end-to-end flow across the entire value stream to meet business outcomes sooner. Tasktop’s partners can set themselves apart from their competitors by leveraging data-driven value stream management (VSM) to visually measure, track, scale and guide their clients’ continuous improvement journeys. 

The Flow Framework is the culmination of decades of work and collaboration with industry leaders on supporting established enterprises and other large-scale organizations through the Turning Point in the Age of Software. The management paradigm provides a concrete and prescriptive way to define and measure value across your customers’ software portfolio in a systematic and scalable way. 

Whether you’re a smaller company, independent consultant, a platform partner or a global services organization, we can help you deliver more value to your market. If your customers don’t know what’s slowing them down, or why their Agile and DevOps transformations are hitting a wall, then the Flow Partner Program is for you. It will equip you with everything you need to work with the customer to quickly find and fix their bottlenecks and finetune their investment strategy.

We have listened closely to our treasured partner network to design a simplified program tailored to help you seamlessly incorporate Flow Metrics into your business practice. With real-time data visualizations in a common language that IT and business leaders understand, you will be able to baseline your customers’ IT portfolios to help them rebalance and adapt quickly to the increasing pace of economic and market change. 

About the Flow Partner Program

The reinvigorated Flow Partner Program focuses on four key areas:

Delivering VSM Success: Leveraging the Flow Framework as a prescriptive approach to facilitate project to product thinking and drive customer success with VSM

Growing Consulting Services: Measure, find bottlenecks, implementing improvements, repeat and scale

Measuring and Proving your Value: Use Flow Metrics to demonstrate client gains and the value of your services

Competitive Differentiation: Go beyond Agile and DevOps consulting to continuously improve and scale the impact of their IT investments with VSM

The program reflects several tiers to give members maximum flexibility to align Tasktop’s solutions and services in a manner that best supports their business model and growth OKRs. 

Key Program Highlights

Unlocking business value with Tasktop Viz™
Partners who resell Tasktop Hub—the leading enterprise-grade value stream integration tool for software delivery to automate flow across the value stream—can broaden their service offering by moving to a tier that allows them to harness Tasktop Viz™ Flow Metrics to grow their business. A turnkey solution for implementing the Flow Framework, Viz measures the rate of business value for each product value stream, correlated to actual business outcomes.

Value-based discussion
Leverage executive relationships to instigate more meaningful discussions around business value and telemetry associated with VSM, as well as the role that Tasktop’s market-leading VSM platform can play in their growth strategy.

New motivator for integration
Using the concept of flow and data-driven VSM as a new motivator for customers who require integration on the ‘ground floor’ by improving the productivity and efficiency of IT teams with Tasktop Hub and automated data flow across the toolchain.

Develop VSM Practice
Support for specific partners who have deep domain expertise in continuous improvement (CI) consulting services to develop a VSM practice that will drive new bookings and increased revenues.

Expert Support and Training
Unprecedented access to Tasktop’s domain expertise that can be leveraged in the right circumstances to help qualify and assess potential Tasktop Viz opportunities. Partners can also shadow Tasktop’s value stream architects and flow advisors to provide on-the-job training to maximize ROI of the Tasktop VSM platform.

Amplify role in VSM movement
By aligning with Tasktop—the leader in the VSM field—partners can carve out their own niche in the space and become a major player in their own right.

Promote and augment Tasktop’s comprehensive package of solutions and services through joint events and other marketing channels (including blog, webinar and other media opportunities).

Press Release

Tasktop Announces New Flow Partner Program to Broaden Delivery of Value Stream Management Solutions

Get Involved with the Flow Partner Program

Drop us a line to learn more about Tasktop and how our partners are applying our solutions and domain expertise to augment their customers’ success. Our friendly team would love to share additional details about the value you can drive by working with Tasktop.

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