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Tasktop’s Recharge Day Fills Everyone’s Tanks

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Tasktop’s third Recharge Day of 2021 allowed our teams to take time to rest, relax, get active or simply do the things they love outside of work. In addition to this time to “fill our tanks”, Tasktop lives it’s value of caring for each other’s growth and happiness with a generous annual fitness benefit, paid volunteer time, parental leave top-up and other perks that help Tasktopians manage energy and prioritize health. 

High-altitude hikes, playing with kids, decorating multiple Christmas trees, decluttering and building storage, biking and wedding part 3!

The Tasktop Recharge Days initiative was launched in July in response to feedback from our teams that they were starting to feel burnt out. Taking time to renew and re-energize can help reduce stress, strengthen immune systems and improve how we feel. By prioritizing mental and physical health Tasktopians are not only taking care of themselves but also ensuring that they can be more productive at work, help prevent burnout and reduce stress.  

Recharge Day 3
Snowforts, snowmen, hiking, more biking, playground time, time with Mom, more decorating and winterizing the garden.

Recharge Day sometimes means just taking a nap

Recharging can be as simple as taking a walk, reading a book or taking a nap. While our teams undoubtedly did some (or all of) these things, there was no shortage of other exciting things our teams did with this time. Our teams in the U.S. enjoyed an extra long weekend with American Thanksgiving holiday, others spent time with loved ones, went on shopping sprees in Glasgow, hiked in Denver and Squamish and even skied in Zugspitz, Germany!

Recharge Day 4
Chillaxin with the kids, walks on the beach, a birthday celebration, Christmas shopping, more decorating and … prototyping!
More hiking, decorating, beach time, golfing, relaxing by the fire, time with Mom and the Beatles series, Get Back!
More hiking, more decorating, more beach time, some golf, more time with Mom, relaxing by the fire and the Beatles, Get Back!

Regardless of how Tasktopians spent their time, it seems we were all purposeful in how we spent it–even if it was just vegging out on the back porch, reading a book. The Tasktop Recharge Days remind us of something we all know: we don’t need to fill every moment being “productive” – we can be purposefully idle or being physically active or pursuing something creative. Disconnecting from work helps us all see the bigger picture–and that is certainly worth our time.

Tasktop recharge Days 5
Recharge sometimes means just doing nothing!

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