Tasktop’s October 2016 Product Release

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Imagine a world where your organization’s software delivery tools can’t communicate. Each team (and often individual team members) uses separate, specialized tools. Large chunks of time are spent reviewing countless e-mails and attending status meetings to ensure that team members have the information they need to do their jobs– an enormous time sink for practitioners with important work to do: like coding, testing, and deploying your product.

Tasktop’s job is to enable those tools to communicate with one another automatically and invisibly, so practitioners using different tools to get their work done have access to the data they need, can make live updates, and work seamlessly with one another across the many tools your organization employs.

In the October Release, we’ve rolled out new features that make it even easier to ensure that your skilled practitioners can focus on the things that are important to the success of your software initiatives.

October 2016 Product Highlights

Tasktop Sync (Tasktop Sync)
The October Release focuses on making connectors even more robust. It adds enhancements to Tasktop’s core integration engine, including features that facilitate smoother upgrades and better re-usability of templates.

Over 40 Connectors:
Enterprise Agility means that practitioners are using an ever-expanding set of specialized and general-purpose tools. This is why continually adding new connectors and keeping existing connectors updated is critical.  The October release extends our ecosystem to include Pivotal Tracker and HPE ALM Octane, and adds custom field support to our LeanKit connector, portfolio item support to our CA Agile Central connector, and System Field support to our Microsoft Project Server connector. To name a few. View all of Tasktop’s connectors: here.

Tasktop Sync Gateway Add-on: Smart Field Mapping
Tasktop Sync Gateway Add-on’s improved field mapping page makes complex integrations easier.  Easy-to-understand icons empower the user to proactively avoid errors while setting up integrations.  They can easily see which fields are required and which are read only, as well as understand the field types to facilitate effective field mapping.  Errors are drastically reduced, as the user is able to better map integrations according to each repository’s custom requirements. blog.tasktop.com/tasktop-gateway-capability

Tasktop Data (Tasktop Data)
Activity Monitoring made easier.  Tasktop Data’s Past Activity page provides a view of all successful activity, and even allows users to navigate to newly created or modified target artifacts in each repository at the click of a button, to ensure that their integration is functioning as planned.

Tasktop Dev (Tasktop Dev)
Dev for Visual Studio is now even bigger and better.  New support includes a robust set of features for Visual Studio to ensure efficient workflow.  New support includes auto-population of multi-commits, hover text to identify task owners (a huge time saver), and a filter to view all tasks owned ‘by me’.

These are just a few of the new features in Tasktop’s October release.
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