Tasktop’s 2016 Year-in-Review and 2017 Predictions

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2016 was an exceptional year for Tasktop. We increased revenues in fiscal year 2016 by 75 percent, expanded our global footprint by growing our partner and customer ecosystems, and improved our product offerings. As a result, we grew to over 100 employees across Canada, Germany, Poland, and the U.S. to support the growing Tasktop community.

Tasktop released numerous updated product offerings including our Gateway capability. This capability allows organizations to automate the connection between their DevOps automation tools and their lifecycle management tools, providing enterprise organizations with an end-to-end DevOps Integration Hub.

In addition to updates for new versions of supported third-party tools, we also added new integrations for Agile and project management, and visual modeling for requirements management. This means that while our customers’ toolchains are changing or being upgrading they can have confidence that their tools will remain integrated with over 300 versions of endpoint products supported.

Thousands of people signed up for our webinar series, where we talked about a range of issues impacting large software development and delivery teams. In case you missed them here’s some of our most popular events:

2016 was one for the books at Tasktop, and we anticipate 2017 being even better thanks to our outstanding team of partners and customers. To give you an idea of what we’re thinking about in the year ahead here’s a quote from our VP of Industry Strategy, Betty Zakheim, recently featured in DevOps Digest:

“Organizations have started to realize the benefits of their Agile and DevOps transformations, but these benefits have largely been local optimizations. Agile development teams have become more responsive and adaptive in the way they deliver “done increments” from their backlog, but often still struggle to extend their collaboration beyond their scrum teams. And DevOps initiatives have done outstanding work in using automation to create an environment that enables continuous delivery. But the dream of unifying these initiatives into a single software development and delivery value stream has largely eluded the vast majority of organizations. In 2017, this will start to change as CIOs increase their demands for visibility into the business value that their delivery teams create and the tools that enable a unified value stream become easier to use.”

This idea of visibility across the value stream is something that some of our most visionary customers have already started to explore. You can learn about Nationwide’s journey in their recent webinar: How Nationwide and Tasktop Achieved Continuous Visibility Across the DevOps Lifecycle. These are just some of the exciting developments that we’re looking forward to exploring more in 2017.

Happy New Year!