Tasktop Sync 4.2 Released

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I’m thrilled to announce the latest release of Tasktop Sync; as always, we have a terrific mixture of enhancements! With each release we typically add new systems to the Sync Integration Network, as well as adding additional features for systems that we previously added. And Tasktop Sync 4.2 is no exception.

Support for New Systems

As you know, Tasktop Sync now supports over 30 systems and the list is growing fast! In this release alone we added four new systems. Our focus this release was twofold. First, we wanted to expand our support for test management systems. To that end, we added support for IBM Rational Quality Manager and Microsoft Test Manager. Think of the possibilities! Imagine finding a defect during testing, and having it automatically mirrored from Rational Quality Manager to your development tool of choice… whether it’s JIRA, Rally, TFS or any other of our supported systems. Even better, imagine the comment streams, attachments and the status seamlessly flowing between RQM and your developer tools. Or, imagine another scenario, where your organization wants to let different teams use various test case management systems, while still keeping a central source of record for all tests. No problem. Teams that want to use Microsoft Test Manager can synchronize those test cases to your organization’s “testing system of record” (such as HP Quality Center) and, again, have seamless flow of information between the two systems.

Our second focus was to increase our support for the ServiceNow platform as they expand into new market areas such as Project and Portfolio Management and Agile Planning (SDLC). If your organization uses ServiceNow SDLC to manage your Agile projects but your test teams and business analysis teams are using other tools, you’ll want to think about setting up this integration. Use Sync to allow your development teams to use ServiceNow to manage their sprints but sync defects and requirements to your test management and requirements management tools. Maybe you’re embarking on using SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)? Do it with confidence knowing that you can synchronize high-level business epics originating in ServiceNow PPM, to your Agile planning tool of choice. There, your developers can break those business epics down into features and stories – keeping both the development teams and the PMO happy and productive! Of course, all our connectors are built to support a wide variety of artifacts, so there are many more interesting scenarios you can create with them. Think of our connectors as a toolbox that allows you to craft integration scenarios that meet your particular business situation.

New Artifacts and Attributes

The second area of enhancements is to extend the support of previously added systems. As we learn more about how our customers use Sync, we add new support for additional artifacts and attributes to existing connectors. To whet your appetite, below is a subset of scenarios that we now support:

VersionOne Tests It’s all about collaboration. Especially when it comes to effective test case development in an Agile world. With our new support for VersionOne tests, developers and testers can collaborate by having tests synced between VersionOne and their test management tool of choice.

JIRA Cascading Select Fields Dealing with cascading select fields can be tricky! They dynamically update based on choices made in previous drop down fields (for example, choosing your country and then choosing your state/province). Now we support these complex fields, making your integration even more robust!

JIRA Comments resulting from state transitions Now whenever JIRA is configured to require a comment as part of a status change, both the status change and the comment are synced to whatever system you are connected with. For example, a development team might want to enforce a policy requiring that a comment is entered when a defect is determined to be a “Won’t Fix,” or a Story is moved to “Not Complete” at the end of a sprint. Now, both the attribute and comment will always be synced together.

CA PPM Incidents CA PPM can be used for more than just traditional PPM capabilities. We are seeing more customers use CA to manage “Incidents” – so we’ve added support for that artifact type. Imagine, now you can have Incidents automatically create a defect in your defect management system – cool!

CA PPM Dynamic Lookup Fields Have a lookup field with options that are constantly changing (such as Charge Codes)? These are different than your typical lookup list that always returns the same set of options. These fields are populated by a continually changing list of options. Now we support these fields to enhance your integrations. Our mission is to Connect the World of Software Delivery… with this release, we’re connecting more of that world, and making it easier to do so!