Tasktop for Penguins and Foxes

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Bringing the task-focused desktop to everyone is Tasktop’s mission, and the soon to be released Tasktop Autumn 2008 takes two more steps towards that goal.
Tasktop for Linux The first is Tasktop Dev for Linux. To date, those running on the Windows platform have enjoyed enhanced time tracking (adjust and report time spent outside of Tasktop Dev), focused browsing (web pages managed per task), and other niceties like Locate on Disk (Alt+L in Navigator). With Tasktop Autumn 2008, Linux hackers will have the tools to work task-focused throughout the workweek.
Tasktop for Linux One of the great things about Tasktop Dev is its ability to instantly restore your browsing sessions when you switch tasks. Just as we’ve come to expect of our code documents, relevant web pages are revealed and restored upon task activation. To date, this time saving feature has only been available when Tasktop Dev’s internal browser is used. Most affected by this are web developers who rely heavily on browser specific add-ins to complete their work. With Tasktop Autumn 2008, we’ll complete the circle for the Firefox fans out there.
The wait will soon be over. Both Tasktop Dev for Linux and Firefox integration is currently available to those on the Tasktop Early Access program and has made for some happy Tasktopers:

“Thank you! This feature is one of the biggest I missed when moving to linux and now its complete. Everything installed and worked perfectly, I am running Eclipse 3.4.0 (for now) on Ubuntu Hardy. Great work (again) team Tasktop.”

Kevin Williams IT Systems Manager, Destination Cairns Marketing

The release will be generally available early November. Until then, happy tasking!