Tasktop Connect 2018: Tools for the Turning Point

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My mission is to help organizations survive the Turning Point of the Age of Software, during which those who do not keep up with the trajectory set by the tech giants face an existential threat. The goal of my upcoming Project to Product book is to provide a business framework for this transition. But given the pace of change, organizations need more than a framework – they need the tools and practices for modernizing software delivery in a way that focuses on the flow and visibility of business value.

Today, every organization that is not a tech giant or a small business must define their value stream architecture and implement a tool network that supports it. As a career-long believer in the power of tools and architecture, I am happy to state that the company I founded 11 years ago is the only organization dedicated to modeling, connecting and visualizing value stream networks.

This capability, expertise and skill set has allowed us to establish a very unique kind of partnership with our top customers. We do not focus on any particular segment of the Agile or DevOps toolchain, but on providing an infrastructure layer that enables both end-to-end visibility and flow from ideation to value delivery. We provide a fascinating vantage point in supporting some of the most ambitious digital transformations in the industry, right from the CIO or CDO’s initiatives to the connective tissue between each tool’s APIs.

Tasktop Connect 2018 – what’s in store?

The second Tasktop Connect conference – taking place on December 6th in Washington, DC – is where our customers and staff present our key learnings from the last year of transformation, and share success patterns for the coming year.

Unlike the great industry conferences, such as DevOps Enterprise Summit, Tasktop Connect is a vendor conference. That means it focuses on tools, and targets those who see their fastest time to value through a commercial solution rather than building everything in-house.

However, as made clear by last year’s presentations during our successful inaugural event, Connect is a very different kind of vendor conference. Instead of product pitches and demos, the audience hear strategies for selecting and connecting tool networks, visualizing business value, and discover technical patterns that pave the path for successful digital transformations. This year we are going to double down on those themes by adding talks specific to the Flow Framework™ that go beyond any specific tool, even Tasktop, and focus on the architectural and business practices needed to connect and inspect Value Stream Networks.

Attendees will hear from IT and Business leaders about their inspiring journeys through the myriad complex challenges of enterprise software delivery, with presentations from:

  • Dave West (Scrum.org)
  • Kyle Williams and Fabio Echavarria (Deloitte)
  • Robin Yeman (Lockheed Martin)
  • Kristen Biddulph (Nationwide)
  • Suzette Johnson (Northrop Grumman)
  • Jeff Zahorchak (Select Medical)
  • Mark Ford (TIAA)

View the current agenda.

The Flow Framework

We have seen tremendous interest in the Flow Framework, and want to provide innovators and visionaries with the conceptual tools for finding flow, in addition to the technical tools needed to implement it. We are also launching FlowFramework.org to support this movement that needs to go beyond any technology.

We have also seen a big spike of interest from consultants and services provides who are supporting customers on this journey, and see the Flow Framework as a key enabler. To address this, we are adding a Flow Framework Partner Day on the day prior to the conference. Those attending the partner day will benefit from our very latest materials and practices. To sign up for this exclusive opportunity, please contact Grace Smith.

We are limited on space for both the conference event and the partner day, so if you are interested in participating make sure that you register soon. I am already looking forward to an amazing day of learning and providing our customers and partners with the conceptual and technical tools needed to thrive in the coming year as they continue to battle through the Turning Point!