Tasktop Connect 2017: Why Now and Why Columbus?

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Today we announced the inaugural Tasktop conference, Tasktop Connect 2017, which will take place on Wednesday 4th October 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. Hosted at the modern and stylish urban-venue VUE in Columbus’ historic brewery district, this dynamic event will provide a pertinent snapshot into the state of software delivery.

Bringing together the shared experiences of IT transformation leaders and Agile, DevOps and Lean visionaries, this inspiring conference will provide attendees with tangible takeaways on how to optimize their software delivery and scale Agile and DevOps transformations.

The high-quality content program – a host of educational sessions from Tasktop customers and industry thought-leaders – is really beginning to take shape with Gene Kim and Carmen DeArdo already confirmed and we cannot wait to unveil further details in the coming months.

But first – why now?

This year saw the accumulation of everything we’ve tried to do at Tasktop come to fruition, with a host of milestones including:

The common theme across all these milestones is ‘customer success’. Tasktop and our customers are on a shared journey to change the way software is built and we wanted a dynamic platform that both celebrated our mutual achievements and laid the foundations for future growth. Our customers were clearly on the same page – we were inundated with questions about whether we were going to host our own event!

So we knew ‘why’ we wanted to host our own event – to continue to support and drive our customers’ digital transformations – but the next big question was, where? The answer was simple; Columbus.

But why Columbus?

For many of you who haven’t been to Columbus before, it may come as a surprise that Tasktop is hosting its first-ever user conference in the Ohio capital. You might even be saying, “Hang on, aren’t you based north of the border in Vancouver, BC? And aren’t your US headquarters in Austin, TX? Wouldn’t it make sense to host the event there?”

The answer is an emphatic “no!”. Columbus is the perfect representation of Tasktop’s burgeoning enterprise customer base and a natural location to gather our audience for our inaugural event. Tasktop boasts 43 of the Fortune 100 as customers, with 8 of those 42 headquartered and/or have significant presence in Ohio. Most of the others are spread across the Midwest and the Eastern US and Canada; providing an easy drive or short direct flight to Columbus.

The support that Tasktop and other software startups receive in Columbus shouldn’t be a surprise to the “locals”. The Columbus ecosystem is special. The Fortune 100s that call Columbus home are also very committed to supporting the local startup community, and while Tasktop isn’t a Columbus-based startup, the large Columbus enterprises have been instrumental to our success.

This quote by financial company Chase, who has a huge presence in Columbus, perfectly sums up the gravitational pull of the city: “With so much of the technology, change and leadership here in Columbus, we don’t go to New York, New York comes to us. And we’re proud of that.” And as an Ohio-kid, I couldn’t be happier for the event to be hosted in a place I call home.

For further information, please visit the Tasktop Connect website and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to welcome you to what promises to be an energetic and rewarding day for everyone involved as we continue to connect the world of software delivery.