Tasktop 2.5 Released, keeps up with the RTC 4.0, HP AgM and Microsoft TFS 2012 Joneses

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Agile has come of age, gone mainstream and, as evidenced by recent releases from our partners, the ALM landscape has permanently changed. This fall we saw the release of TFS 2012, RTC 4.0, and last week HP’s Agile Manager (AgM). These tools provide large-scale software delivery organizations with the latest and greatest features for each of the software delivery roles that they support. Tasktop 2.5 release is a roll up of new Tasktop Sync and Dev functionality that we now provide in order to allow organizations to make the most of these tools when adopting them for heterogeneous ALM environments. We have worked very closely with each of our partners in order to ensure that Tasktop is able to provide it’s real-time connectivity and collaboration flow for stakeholders whose roles span individual tools.

Tasktop Sync now has full support for Rational Team Concert 4.0. Our partnership with IBM was expanded recently by way of IBM OEM’ing Tasktop Sync (called IBM RLIA Tasktop Edition) in order to support their customers’ integration needs. Tasktop Sync ensures that those deploying RTC into a heterogeneous environment get the benefits of RTC across the myriad of tools being used for end-to-end software delivery.

While Microsoft provides one of the most vertically-integrated ALM offerings, the reality of today’s software delivery is often multi-platform and multi-vendor. This means that some developers will be building the back-end with .NET and Azure with everything tracked in TFS, while the mobile ASP is being built by another team working in JIRA, and the whole lot is being QA’d and requirements managed by HP ALM/QC. Sync now supports TFS 2012, including the hosted version of TFS, which expands our support of cloud hosted integration end-points.

HP just released a brand new, cloud hosted Agile planning tool called Agile Manager. Tasktop Dev, OEM’d by HP as ALI Dev, has been extended to support Agile Manager, and can be seen showcased on stage at last week’s HP Discover conference (see Dave’s post for more on that). This means that developers get the first rate Eclipse and Visual Studio IDE experience for this new slick Agile project management tool.

In our role as the “Switzerland” of ALM, it has been exciting to see Tasktop work closely with each of these vendors, as well as our other partners, each of whom is defining a different angle on the tools that enable Agile software delivery at scale. As always, our goal is to create the task-focused infrastructure that supports real-time flow of information between users collaborating across this new breed of tools.

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