Talking about ALM ? Why EclipseCon ALM Connect and Executive Event is the place to be in March

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EclipseCon 2013 BostonHaving just returned from the fantastic ALM Summit in Redmond it is even clearer to me that there is a lot to talk about when discussing ALM. The event in Redmond is focused on the Microsoft platform, but the discussions were far broader. Technology impacts such as cloud, mobile and open source coupled with process changes driven by Agile and Lean Startup mean the very fabric of ALM is changing. The announcement of TFS and GIT working in perfect harmony is illustrative of this shift. But even after 3 busy days there is still lots to talk about, which brings me to the ALM Connect, an event that myself, the Eclipse foundation and a team of great people have been working on. The event, which is scheduled for March 25th through 28th in Boston MA has all the ingredients for an amazing conference.

Deep Dive Into Content

All the sessions in the program are great, but I would like to draw your attention to a few that caught my eye during the call for papers.

  • Moving towards ALM 3.0 by Forrester Analyst Jeffrey Hammond. Not only is Jeffrey a great speaker, but always fills his presentation with lots of data that you can use back in the office. In this talk Jeffery is highlighting the major shifts in the fabric of ALM. Looking at the data this talk is based on we might see a redefinition of the ALM category, which is very exciting!
  • What ALM knowledge you can expect from CS graduates by Gary Pollice, professor at WPI. The emerging skills crisis in software engineering is going to affect us all so I am excited to hear how you can better hire CS graduates and make them more productive. This talk also helps to remind us that ALM is more than just tools, but includes processes and people.
  • Continuous Integration at Google Scale by John Micco, Google. CI has emerged as the lifeblood of modern software delivery, and on paper seems easy, but for the majority of large organizations with complex builds, heavy dependencies and nasty test environments building a workable CI environment is difficult. In this talk John describes how a very complex CI environment can be built and maintained in a very changeable business.
  • Building Mylyn 4.0 by Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop. Mylyn has defined how Eclipse developers interface with systems of record such as bug trackers and project manager tools, but the underlying model has not changed for over 5 years. Mik is going to describe what needs to change to get Mylyn ready for next generation ALM.


Bring your boss to ALM Connect Executive Event

ALM Connect will provide a rich set of ideas for practitioners to take back to their teams, but without management support many of those ideas will never be implemented.

Above: EclipseCon 2012 ALM Panel with Mik Kersten, Dave West, Melinda Ballou and James Governor

Solving this problem was the motivation of running an Executive event on Wednesday the 27th of March. This event is aimed at decision makers and is by invitation only.

Content highlights include :

  • Twitter and Github kick off the event talking about the future of ALM and how the next generation of software development is being undertaken. These presentations will show how you can marry innovation, rapid delivery and complex development teams into an Agile delivery capability.
  • ALM in action case studies. Still working on the fine print, but we will have two high profile companies who are going to present their experience with ALM and how they are using ALM to form a competitive advantage. These sessions are aimed at telling all the dirty secrets of ALM, the motivation for adopting ALM and the reality of ALM in their companies.
  • The user is the center: Apps in the world of engagement by Lee Nackman from HP. Lee has been involved in ALM for many years and was one of the executives responsible for IBMs involvement with Eclipse. In this talk Lee will describe how systems of engagement have changed the face of ALM and how that is only to get worse. I expect some sneak previews of the HP’s future ALM strategy in this talk.
  • Agile 2.0 software development in the era of the social graph by Israel Gat Fellow at the Cutter Consortium. Israel a leading management light on ALM and the economics of software delivery will describe the social side of development. Describing how social graphs and other mechanisms can be used to better manage and enable software delivery.
  • Scrum – Success ends with middle management by Ken Schwaber co-creator of Scrum. Having Ken, one of the drivers of the Agile movement at the event will add a level of Agile pragmatism to the proceedings. In this talk Ken will present the audience with framework for taking Agile to the next level, but be warned this path is not for the faint of heart.
  • The future of ALM panel – This session includes Sam Guckenheimer from MS, Lee Nackman, Jeffrey Hammond and Mik Kersten on what the future of ALM looks like and how it will affect the audience. I will moderate, so expect an exciting and thought provoking session.