Software Lifecycle Architecture Diagrams

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This Thursday, I have the opportunity to present at IBM Interconnect.  Along with the opportunity to present comes the “opportunity” to staff the Tasktop booth all week (Booth #784 in the DevOps Zone).  I decided to do something different this year… 

Over the past 5 years, the Pre-Sales Engineering team at Tasktop has created 100s of Software Lifecycle Architecture Diagrams for our prospects and customers.  We keep refining our canvas, and we think this latest canvas really helps facilitate a collaborative conversation about the challenges our banking, insurance, automotive, retail, etc. customers are facing with their disconnected tool stack.

We’ve received tremendous feedback on the Lifecycle Architecture Diagrams from current and prospective customers – with expert Tasktopians facilitating the conversation, we help customers create pictorials of their existing tools stack and work flows.  It helps everyone visually get on the same page.  It helps people socialize the idea of a connected application lifecycle inside their own companies.  And they look great too!

Stop by Booth #784 in the DevOps Zone at IBM Interconnect 2016 or schedule some time with us after the conference is done.  Talk to me and fellow Tasktopians about what challenges a disconnected lifecycle is causing you.  Tell us what you want to do about it.  We may even have some ideas you haven’t thought of yet.

During the chat, I’ll build a personalized Software Lifecycle Architecture Diagram and send it to you.    Unlike the other schwag you collect, I promise it won’t sit on your desk and collect dust.

Oh… we’re also giving away a GoPro, pens and other goodies if you’re in to that kinda thing.