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Over the past few decades the amount of information available at our fingertips has steadily grown. We have become so overloaded with hundreds of emails, thousands of files and millions of lines of code that we often spend more time repeatedly looking for information than getting work done. Its time to reclaim our workday. Starting today, you will be able to use the Task-Focused Interface for managing all of your work. For Eclipse users, this means the productivity benefits of Mylyn now extend to your file and web browsing activities. For all those who have asked for Mylyn but don’t have the luxury of spending their day in Eclipse, Mylyn’s benefits will now be available to you through a standalone RCP application.

Planet Eclipse readers: after this announcement, posts that are not specifically about Eclipse or Mylyn won’t be tagged “Eclipse” and as such won’t show up in the aggregator. 

Tasktop Dev, Winter 2008 release

Just over one year ago, two key events marked the evolution of the Task-Focused Interface:

  • Monday, Dec 11th, 2006: We released Mylyn 1.0 which provided task-focused tools for programmers along with extensible APIs.
  • Friday, Dec 15th, 2006: I defended my PhD Thesis, which validated the productivity benefits of this new approach, via field studies of programmers using Mylyn and knowledge workers using the first prototype of the Task-Focused Desktop (Tasktop Dev).

The chronic multitasking leading up to that week was grueling and would not have been possible without the tool support that we are releasing today. Mylyn was our first major step away from the information-centric desktop metaphor, towards the the user-centric task metaphor. Tasktop Dev 1.0 marks the next step in the evolution of the Task-Focused Interface and the beginning of making this new way of working available to everyone.

Early Tasktop team

The people that made Tasktop Dev 1.0 happen, from left to right are: Steffen Pingel, Gail Murphy, Shawn Minto, Mik Kersten (me), Wesley Coelho, Leo Dos Santos (blinking) and Robert Elves. Between Tasktop Dev 1.0, the Mylyn 2.x releases and upcoming 3.0, creating connectors for our partners and now the very ambitious SpringSource Tool Suite, I often get asked how we manage to do it all. Here’s a hint–all of our work is done with Tasktop and Mylyn, and we don’t use email for collaboration. With the tremendous productivity increase that is possible when everyone is focused, your small team can feel more like an army. In upcoming blog posts, I’ll list some of our tips on how to get the most out of task-focused work and collaboration.