Product release: What’s new in Tasktop Integration Hub 19.4

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Tasktop Integration Hub version 19.4 was released today to make enterprise-grade integration as easy, efficient and impactful as possible, with some exciting new features including:

  • Read-only role for troubleshooting
  • A visual cue to highlight what environment you’re viewing
  • More enhancements to artifact filtering

A new read-only role for troubleshooting

While most organizations want to restrict the number of people that can add, modify and delete integrations, it’s beneficial to have additional people that can look at integration configurations, visually comprehend the flow of information across tools, view their integration metrics, and—most importantly—troubleshoot errors. 

That’s why in version 19.4 we’re introducing a new user group called “Troubleshooting Users”. Troubleshooting users have full but read-only access to Tasktop Integration Hub. When it comes to troubleshooting, they can view errors and open the related artifacts in the repository, set up the logs for troubleshooting, and download the support and usage report to send to Tasktop. 

Easily orient yourself in test and production environments

We’ve added a small visual cue to inform you which Tasktop Integration Hub environment you are viewing:  ‘Test’ or ‘Production’. That information now appears on the top of every Hub screen, in gray for production, and orange for testing. (Nothing else in the Hub instance is impacted.) 

Testing Environments Are Indicated by An Orange Label

The designation is done in your Hub Settings, where you select the environment type—testing or production—and give a name to each environment. The environment type defaults to Production, so after upgrading to 19.4, you only need to change it for your pre-prod environments.

Artifact filter enhancements

Filtering just got a whole lot better with the introduction of a bunch of new features: 

  • Case insensitive filters
  • Boolean filters 
  • New operators were added including ‘Starts with’, ‘Ends with’, ‘Does not end with’, and ‘Does not start with’. 
  • New date operators ‘Before’ and ‘After’ were added to the previously available ‘Equal or after’ and ‘Before or equal’ in order to better align to specific tool APIs.

Also in Version 19.4

  • BMC Remedy customers using the REST API can now synchronize all out-of-the-box fields for these artifact types: work orders, Incidents, problems and tasks. 
  • Encrypted attachments in ServiceNow can be omitted, if you don’t want them to be unencrypted in the target repository. 
  • Performance improvements to screen loading times for the Integration and Collection Overview and Details screens, as well as Routing Setup and Project Selector. 
  • For customers synchronizing artifacts in IBM Rational Doors Next Generation, Tasktop can automatically detect when an artifact is in a changeset managed stream and deliver the artifact changes for every creation/update to the appropriate stream.

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