One giant Throwback Thursday as we leave 2018

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I think I speak for all of us at Tasktop when I say: What a year!

Not only has the company seen a 95 percent subscription growth in FY18, Tasktop has also seen a 25 percent increase in new customers. We are now working with almost 500 new organizations across industry verticals such as automotive, financial, government, insurance and healthcare to help them master software delivery in the Age of Digital Disruption – and we are proud to be working with 44 of the Fortune 100.

Tasktop also welcomed three industry experts to the team: Dominica DeGrandis as Director of Digital Transformation; Carmen DeArdo as Senior VSM Strategist to head up our Value Stream Management consulting practice; and Tim Beditz, as Vice President of Operations.

Not forgetting Tasktop’s recognition in the Forrester New Wave™ report citing Tasktop as a strong performer in Value Stream Management, and the exciting launch of Tasktop’s CEO & Founder, Dr. Mik Kersten’s, highly-anticipated new book, Project to Product.

In addition to all of the above, Tasktop somehow still had time to participate in 68 industry events spread across 44 cities, in 12 countries. If Tasktop was an individual person, they would be a travel inspiration and have a passport of dreams.

Here’s a look back at just some of the places and events that Tasktop has traveled to over the last 12 months (don’t get too jealous)…


Austin – NYC – Vancouver – Chicago

Kick-starting the year in Austin, Tasktop’s Director of Digital Transformation, Dominica DeGrandis, flew to Texas and spoke at the Agile Austin Meetup, providing insight on how to unmask the things that are killing your team’s capacity and ability to optimize workflow.

Towards the end of the month, we participated in the UBC Technical Career Fair in Vancouver, showcasing Tasktop’s meticulously crafted Co-op & Intern Program which focuses on comfort, happiness, fulfillment, and personal and professional growth, and provides students with insight into Tasktop’s creative and collaborative work environment.


Charlotte – Nuremburg – Ft Lauderdale

A quiet month for Tasktop before a busy season of events began, Tasktop joined 250+ development, operations, security, and management professionals at DevOpsDays Charlotte towards the end of February.

Dominica also joined a fantastic line-up of world class speakers at LeanAgileUS in Florida, where she shared three key metrics on how to better optimize your time.


Austin – Munich – Monaco – Zurich – Columbus – Las Vegas

In anticipation of International Women’s Day, Tasktop sponsored the inaugural ‘Women in Product: Austin’ event in collaboration with the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. Bringing together a total of 40 industry professionals, as well as approximately 20 students from the Ann Richards School, the event centered around a speaking panel of five accomplished women that had been through the struggles and successes of a career in Product. It was an inspirational day and an incredible event to be part of.

Tasktop also ventured to Monaco, where we were a Gold Sponsor at Micro Focus Universe, an event that brings customers from around the world together to discuss industry trends, Micro Focus’ product roadmaps, and Value Stream Management. At the event, Mik also joined Raffi Margaliot, ADM General Manager, Micro Focus, on stage for a fireside chat.


Dallas – Atlanta – Portland – Stuttgart – Seattle – Chicago

Tasktop flew to manufacturing hub, Stuttgart, where we sponsored the Intland Automotive Conference and presented on how Value Stream Integration and DevOps are transforming car development.

We were also proud to meet with industry leading speakers and practitioners at DevOpsDays Seattle. As Gold Sponsors we got to showcase the many benefits that Tasktop offers, and how we can help accelerate your DevOps transformations.


San Francisco – Munich – Ypsilanti – Berlin – Toronto – Berlin – Vancouver – Austin

In between checking out the Golden Gate Bridge and exploring the hilly streets of San Francisco, Tasktop was proud to sponsor the first US Tricentis Accelerate 2018 and explore the trends, challenges, and real-world success stories related to transforming software testing for DevOps.

This kicked-off a busy month of events where Tasktop also sponsored Agile & Beyond, and attended many events including DevOpsCon, DevOpsDays Toronto and the Target Process Conference, to name but a few.

To top it all off, Mik was honoured at the UBC Computer Science 50th Anniversary, where he received the Entrepreneurship Award. Speaking on this incredible achievement, UBC noted, “Dr. Mik Kersten, Tasktop CEO and co-founder, is a true innovator and entrepreneur. It is through his vision, drive and leadership that Tasktop has grown to be the business it is today.”


Washington – Milan – Philadelphia – London

Tasktop was a platinum sponsor at DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2018, where we also had four insightful and thought-provoking speaking presentations. With 19 Tasktopians in attendance, it was an excellent opportunity to meet with DevOps champions, customers and partners from across EMEA.

Dominica gave a brilliant presentation about visualizing impacts to your workflow and metrics.

Following that, Tasktop Director of Product Marketing, Naomi Lurie, and Senior Solutions Consultant, Laksh Ranganathan, talked through what enterprise IT can learn through a startup’s journey with Value Stream Management.

On the Monday afternoon of the event, Tasktop’s VP of Product, Nicole Bryan, and Senior VSM Strategist, Carmen DeArdo, spoke on the practical realities that large enterprises face when moving from a project management mindset to a product mindset. The session was so popular that it was standing room only and attendees were even getting turned away.

During the presentations and breaks, attendees were encouraged to drop off their Tasktop attendee bag inserts – a Lego brick – to the Tasktop booth. The bricks represented a £1 donation to one of two reputable charities in the realm of technology. Supporting charities within the industry is extremely important to Tasktop, and we were proud to have raise money for both ComputerAid and Girls In Tech.

The DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 also saw the early-release signing of Tasktop CEO Dr. Mik Kersten’s new book Project To Product. Over 20 years of experience and research was poured into this book and over 275 attendees walked away with the first galley copies.

Finally, wrapping up day two was a session from Mik himself, where he deep-dived into Project To Product and the Flow Framework™ that he has created to help enterprises, institutions and agencies to extract more business value from IT.


Indianapolis – Minneapolis – Chicago

Tasktop took some time to enjoy the summer and had a quiet July. We did however get time to check out a couple of DevOpsDays events in Indianapolis and Minneapolis, and catch up with fellow peers within the industry.


San Diego – Chicago – Dallas

Tasktop set off to San Diego to join the community at Agile 2018. Dominica gave a fantastic presentation on DevOps Metrics 101, blowing away the audience with her knowledge of the types of metrics used for DevOps transformations, how they can be measured and interpreted, and the top three ways to begin capturing and using them.

Tasktop also touched base with the DevOps community in Chicago and Dallas at their respective DevOpsDays events.


Barcelona – Portland – Berlin – Columbus – London – St. Louis

Nicole Bryan and Carmen DeArdo journeyed across the Atlantic to present the journey to Enterprise-Wide Product Value Streams using Jira at Atlassian Summit Europe.

Tasktop also flew to Portland, Berlin, Columbus and London to attend various DevOpsDays events, presenting yet another great opportunity to meet and network with fellow industry contacts.


Boston – Washington – Vienna – Austin – Orlando – Hartford – Michigan – Las Vegas, Austin

In case you (somehow) haven’t head, Tasktop managed to get an actual BMW i8 into the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas during the DevOps Enterprise Summit USA 2018 event. “How?” I hear you ask…watch and learn 🙂 (video courtesy of René Te-Strote, IT Project Lead at BMW Group).

But that’s not all! Tasktop were the talk of the town at the event. Key highlights included…

Nicole Bryan, Tasktop’s VP of Product Development, spoke with Kevin Fisher, Associate Vice President of Program and Application Services at Nationwide, where they presented on “Project to Product: Practical Realities of at Large Scale Enterprises”.

Mik brought the house down with his keynote presentation on the Flow Framework™, his pioneering new approach to seeing, measuring, and managing software delivery to help traditional enterprises to survive and thrive in the Age of Software and Digital Disruption.

Mik’s book Project to Product was also finally unveiled to the world to great fanfare at DOES 2018. Attendees were able to get their hands on a signed copy of the book during the official launch at the event, with a long line of crowds waiting to get their hands on a copy.

Tasktop’s Dominica DeGrandis also drew large crowds as they sought signed copies of her book, Making Work Visible, a piece of work that aligns perfectly with the ideas and vision of Project To Product.

On Tuesday afternoon of the conference BMW Group’s Rene Te-Strote explained in his session with Tasktop’s “VSM Yoda” Carmen DeArdo, how BMW uses Tasktop to connect their huge software delivery supply chain, including their global partners, to support this massive transformational undertaking.

Tasktop’s booth was also filled with conversations resulting in some great networking opportunities with the fellow DevOps community.


Cleveland – Stockholm – Amsterdam – Mannheim – North Carolina – Stuttgart – Arizona – Copenhagen

Another extremely busy month, in November Tasktop was proud to sponsor 4 events, including OSLCFest, Southern Fried Agile, Agile in Automotive EMEA, and Agile Arizona.

At Southern Fried Agile, Tasktop joined hundreds of Agilists in Charlotte where Carmen presented to a full house on how to transform IT and business with the Flow Framework™.

Agile in Automotive EMEA presented a great opportunity for Mik to further talk about how automotive organizations can transform their car development with the Flow Framework™.

Lastly, Dominica caught up with her fan club at Agile Arizona and spoke about making work visible and exposing time theft to optimize workflow.


Washington, DC

Ending the year on a high, Tasktop hosted its second annual conference, Tasktop Connect.

On a brisk clear day in the US capital on the 7th floor of the iconic Newseum overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue, over 80 attendees from leading organizations listened intently to a fascinating array of presentations from Tasktopians, industry thought leaders, and visionary customers on the power of Value Stream Integration and Management, the Project to Product revolution, the Flow Framework™ and much, much more.

Tasktop’s CEO and co-founder, Dr. Mik Kersten, and President and COO, Neelan Choksi, kicked off proceedings by reflecting on a remarkable year for Tasktop and the wider IT industry.

Some of the other industry leading speakings included: Dave West – CEO,; Jeff Zahorchak from Select Medical; Mark Ford from TIAA, Kristen Biddulph from Nationwide; Robin Yeman and Suzette Johnson from Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman respectively, and lastly Kyle Williams and Favio Echavarria from Deloitte’s Federal Team.

It was an absolutely fantastic event and a great end to such a successful and exciting year for Tasktop. Judging by the reaction and feedback of the delegates in the room, many organizations left the event with a much clearer vision for the year ahead:

“For me, Tasktop Connect 2018 was a great success as Tasktop continues to outshine itself year after year.” – Mark Ford, Lead Developer, TIAA

“Connect provided me insight into the journey of other Tasktop customers, and an industry perspective of the importance that a visible value stream has on great IT companies.” Joe Schlegel, Manager, ITBSA Data & Analytics, Nationwide

“The Tasktop Connect event provided a ton of insight into everything that makes the Tasktop Integration Hub the awesome tool that it is.” – Alex Baldwin, Agile and Technology Practice Manager, cPrime.

And that’s a wrap for 2018!

A massive thank you to everyone who took the time to attend and represent Tasktop at each of these events.

Keep an eye on our events calendar to see where we will be heading to in 2019! Happy new year!