New Product Release: What’s New in Tasktop Integration Hub Version 19.3

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Tasktop Integration Hub version 19.3 was released today, with some exciting new features including test step synchronization for ALM, artifact re-twinning, and a full scan by project. 

Synchronizing Test Steps across Multiple Micro Focus ALM Instances

It’s not uncommon for organizations that use Micro Focus ALM to have multiple instances of the tool, often running different versions. Maybe each line of business has their own instance, perhaps previous mergers and acquisitions brought in additional toolchains, or perhaps your organization works with a lot of suppliers and subcontractors with their own tool instances. The ability to synchronize data across ALM instances – down to the test steps – provides critical visibility to QA and product leadership. By centralizing all test-related data into one ALM instance, your ALM dashboards and reports can be inclusive of all the data across your organization.  

Expanding on our test case management capabilities, in version 19.3 we’ve introduced test step synchronization for both the design and run phases. Due to the significance of order when it comes to test steps, test step flow is only one-way: all updates, deletions and reordering of test steps will be reproduced in the target collection.  

Re-twinning Artifacts

In the January release (19.1), we released a feature called “twinless artifact update”, ensuring that when an artifact is deleted or no longer meets the criteria to flow, its twin in another tool is notified. Admins can set a rule that sends one final packet of information to the target twin to explain what happened and why it is currently twinless. For example, you can change the target artifact’s status to Closed. 

In 19.3, we’re happy to announce a re-twinning feature. When the source artifact once again becomes eligible to flow, Tasktop Integration Hub can perform a one-off update to reset all model fields on the target twin to match the source, following which normal synchronization will resume. In the above example, the target’s status will change from Closed to whatever the current status is on the source artifact. 

Full Scan by Project

Full Scan by Project is a great new feature that allows you to perform a high fidelity scan for changes in specific projects within a collection. For example, if you’ve expanded an integration filter to include a larger set of artifacts, you can now run a full scan only on the specific affected projects in order to synchronize all the newly included artifacts to the target repository. 

Support for Atlassian Jira Data Center

Jira Data Center is a deployment solution for setting up Jira products in a multi-node environment, which enables high availability and consistent performance for larger enterprise organizations. With this release, Tasktop now supports the appropriate configuration options to connect to Data Center deployments.  

New Authentication Methods Supported 

19.3 introduces lots of new authentication methods for popular tools, including: 

  • Jira: Crowd SSO 
  • IBM RTC: Kerberos Authentication

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