New Product Release: What’s New in Tasktop Integration Hub 20.1

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Tasktop’s latest product release—Tasktop Integration Hub v20.1—is out today, making toolchain integration even easier and sophisticated, to help you to seamlessly scale your enterprise software delivery.

Key highlights include:

  • Simple navigation of relationships between configuration elements
  • New scheduler for full scans 
  • Configuring flow of private and public comments
  • New connector Planview PPM Pro™ 

Revealing and Navigating Relationships between Configuration Elements

Have you ever wanted to know which Integrations a specific Collection participates in and quickly navigate to them? Ever wondered which Models are used in a specific Integration or which integrations invoke a specific Extension? Well, wonder no more. 

We’ve added a nifty little button on the top of the Collection, Integration, Model and Repository screens that opens a pop-up with all their related configuration elements. Related elements are hyperlinked for quick navigation. 

Here are a couple of examples of what that looks like:

New Scheduler for Full Scans

While regular change detection will pick up most changes to an artifact, sometimes a more robust means of determining artifact changes is necessary, either to pick up rare missed artifact changes or to take advantage of a Tasktop feature such as Twinless Artifact Update.

Since full scans are a heavier operation than change detection, now admins can schedule them to off-peak hours to avoid impacting repositories during working hours.

As with all change detection setup, you can configure advanced scheduling globally and override as necessary at the Integration level.

Advanced Scheduling for Change Detection and Full Scan

Learn more about Tasktop change detection and full scans

Please note: Advanced scheduling is only available for Enterprise and Ultimate Editions.

Configuring Flow of Private and Public Comments 

Some ITSM tools have the notion of public and private comments on tickets and problems. 

Now you can configure the desired comment flow for private and public comments as part of the integration configuration. It’s possible to exclude a specific type of comments if you do not want them appearing in the target repository. 

Configuring Public/Private Comment Flow

New Connector: Planview PPM Pro™ 

Planview PPM Pro™ software (formerly Innotas®) provides the ability to collect, prioritize, and execute projects, enabling PMOs to focus resources on the work that delivers the most value.

Many of the initiatives and features created in Planview PPM Pro™ actually represent requirements for the product and development teams. 

For the most efficient collaboration between the PMO and product value streams, Tasktop Integration Hub can be used to flow those high-level planning items directly into an Agile planning tool, from which they can be broken down into implementation items like epics, user stories, tasks and sub-tasks, or into a Requirements Management tool, from which they can be broken down into requirements, user stories or epics.

As work progresses in the downstream tools, updates will flow back upstream to the PMO, providing visibility on execution and completion against the plan directly in Planview PPM Pro™.

Planning to Implementation Integration Pattern

Also in Version 20.1: 

  • Do more with point-and-click configuration: If your implementation utilizes Extensions, you can now store any confidential key value pairs in Hub, where they will be encrypted. If you have Enterprise or Ultimate edition, you can also set up plain (non-encrypted) key value stores in the Hub UI or import them from a file. 
  • We’ve made it easy to duplicate a configuration element, like a Model or an Extension. You can make a copy and edit an existing element, instead of starting from scratch. 
  • A custom date range was added to Integration Metrics, in addition to the quick-select options of 30, 60 and 90 days.  
  • For users of BMC Remedy, custom fields are now fully supported.

The easiest, most sophisticated toolchain integration

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