Mylyn 3.7: Task List Search Index and Code Review Integration

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When Mylyn was still known as Mylar, our Bugzilla listed a few hundred tasks for the project. Six years later, my Task List has accumulated over 10K tasks for Mylyn alone and contains twice as many tasks in total. To help manage large task lists like that, the just released Mylyn 3.7 enhances the filtering in the Task List with an incredibly useful feature for quickly finding tasks: a Lucene based index. With the latest version, it is now possible to scope searches and instantly query over the full comment streams of all tasks.

task list

The powerful new search options are easily discoverable through content assist (Ctrl+space). I particularly like the ability to filter based on date range. If I know for instance that the task I am looking for was commented on recently I can now find the relevant tasks with a few key strokes:

task list modification

There has been a lot of talk about Gerrit, and Eclipse projects are increasingly adopting code reviews as part of their workflow. The Gerrit connector, which has been evolving in the Mylyn Reviews project, is now included in Mylyn releases, the Juno repository, and available from connector discovery bringing the first-class IDE integration that Mylyn provides for tasks to code reviews. We have incorporated a lot of feedback from early adopters and continuously improved the connector. It now supports Gerrit 2.2 (earlier versions have been reported to work as well) and ships with support for a variety of authentication mechanisms including Open ID. The connector is tightly integrated with the latest version of EGit and extends the import wizard for simple importing of projects. When a Gerrit server has been configured, the wizard provides a listing of all Git repositories from that server. This enables simple cloning and importing of available projects.

Git import

Another noteworthy enhancement is the improved compare editor integration. The editor now shows the structure of the review. You can navigate through patch sets and add comments inline. patch set

A key feature of Gerrit is the ability to stage multiple iterations of a change. In practice each iteration, referred to as patch sets in Gerrit, equals a commit that is tracked in a separate branch. As in the Gerrit web interface, the review editor can now show differences between patch sets to review incremental changes.


Sometimes it’s seemingly simple enhancements that add a suprisingly big benefit. We have long recognized hyperlinks as a universal way to link artifacts and made them clickable in the Task Editor. This linking now works across builds, tasks and reviews.


For example, Loading the JUnit results or reviewing the console output of a failed build that is linked from a review comment is now literally two clicks away from the review editor.

If you are at EclipseCon in Reston don’t miss the opportunity to see Mylyn 3.7 in action. Visit Tasktop at booth #25 and also attend one of the great talks that will highlight new features. A full list of new features are described in the New & Noteworthy section.