Mylyn 2.1 released

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The Mylyn Project hit another milestone today with the Mylyn 2.1 release, also available from the Eclipse Europa Fall Update download packages. In addition to streamlining key usability corners identified in 2.0, this release showcases some of the the great efforts of Mylyn’s three Google Summer of Code students:

  • Balazs Brinkus improved the new user experience and provide the screenshot attachment tool
  • Jevgeni Holodkov added the task and query import and export facilities
  • Xiaoyang Guan extended the Mylyn Trac Connector to support wiki formatting

For the rest of the Mylyn team, this release symbolizes our having survived a user community growth spurt of orders of magnitude.  Last June the Eclipse Packaging Project informed us that they would distribute Mylyn as part of three default Eclipse downloads.  Our download numbers went from tens of thousands per month to the couple million that the Europa packages have already seen.  Thankfully Rob Elves’ improvements to the performance and offline caching of the Task Editor made it possible for us to respond to over a thousand Bugzilla reports filed or commented on since the Mylyn 2.0 release.  While 2.0 has held up very well, with the new feedback we have learned important lessons in making the tool more accessible to newcomers, some of which have already been incorporated into Mylyn 2.1. For the rest of the release cycle leading up to Eclipse Ganymede and Mylyn 3.0, we’ll continue innovating the Task-Focused UI to help you stay sane while managing the countless tasks that make up a typical workday.