Moving from a tech giant to a startup

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In April 2017, I was let go from the company where I started my career. It had been a great few years of learning and building my career alongside friends and respected colleagues, so it was hard news to hear. It also didn’t help that it was just three weeks before my wedding, which my wife and I had spent over a year planning.

It seemed like the worst possible situation at the most inconvenient time. Then fate intervened. As one door closed, another one opened, leading to one of the biggest changes (and greatest opportunities) I’ve experienced in my life: working at Tasktop.

The transition

Since my career began at a large tech company with a major corporate structure and over 100,000 employees, it was a pretty large change to join a company that had only recently reached the 100-employee mark (now over 130 and counting). But it was a positive change.

Everything I knew about bureaucratic processes, a slower pace of work, and layers upon layers of management were thrown out. Where there was once red tape, I now have the flexibility to help adjust processes to get things done more efficiently. Those days where I had little to do and was left twiddling my thumbs? They have been replaced with a constant stream of fulfilling work that really makes an impact on my company and the products we build.

Meanwhile the chain of command for management that I was used became a management structure that involves reaching out directly when needed, or taking a walk to the coffee shop across the street to grab a coffee and chat. It’s all about efficiency, transparency and collaboration. While it hasn’t been the easiest transition to adjust from a big corporate mindset, I’ve learned to appreciate how Tasktop works as a smaller company, and the benefits the company’s approach yields.

Life at Tasktop

As I approach the end of my first three months working at Tasktop, I’ve already begun to feel like an important part of the company. Within a few weeks I was helping to make decisions and taking on increasingly important tasks. While a larger company might ramp up a new employee for a few months, I felt I was heavily involved and a valued team member from the outset. I was able to skip the “new guy” phase and was immediately accepted as a fully-fledged Tasktopian. Not only did the overall culture of Tasktop play a part in this, but also the great people that I am lucky to work with every day.

Significantly, the work I do actually matters and helps the growth of the company. And that’s not just me or my team, that is everyone at Tasktop. We are all in this together and we work hard to make our products into something we can be proud of. I’m very excited about Tasktop Integration Hub and the impact it is making on large-scale software delivery. While a large company has its own benefits, I’ve never felt this passion for my work before. Everything we do matters and is valued, no matter how small.

My Future at Tasktop

My time at Tasktop so far has flown by. It feels like just yesterday that I had taken my first step through the office doors. However, some days I feel like I’ve always been here. These first few months have been such a wonderful experience, and it has made me very excited to see how Tasktop grows in the future.

Even though we are a smallish company for now, we have big ideas and big plans. And while the circumstances that brought me to Tasktop weren’t ideal, every day I am thankful for that situation as it led me to making one of my best decisions I’ve ever made. Not to mention helping to ensure that our wedding was an unmitigated success!

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