Mingle and Murmur with Tasktop Pro and ThoughtWorks Studios

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Today’s Tasktop Dev Pro 1.6.1 release includes a new Mylyn connector for the Mingle 3.0 project management software from ThoughtWorks Studios, the products division of the global Agile consultancy, ThoughtWorks. The connector takes Mingle’s emphasis on team collaboration to a new level by making it effortless for team members to access and communicate around Mingle cards without leaving the IDE.


What makes our collaboration with ThoughtWorks so exciting is that it has yielded the first social network extension to the task-focused interface. Starting on a cool task? Just murmur it much as you would send a tweet. The integration with the task editor is seamless. Stuck on something? Attach your task context, murmur for help, and colleagues on the project will have instant access to the code you’re squinting at.

What’s a murmur?

Mingle’s Murmurs support casual conversations much like Twitter or IM chats. But instead of being lost in Twitter or IM, the communication is captured on artifacts in Mingle for easy reference. With the Mingle Connector, Murmurs can be sent directly from the IDE and it’s easy to view all murmurs relevant to a particular development task or card.


Focus on your cards

The Mingle Mylyn Connector fully supports task-focused programming productivity. Mingle cards in the task list can be activated to automatically track and show only the most relevant source code, web pages and documents for a given card. For example, when working on a million line code base, the task-focused interface might show only the 2 files and 12 lines of code that are relevant for the bug fix in progress. When returning to the same bug after an interruption, or after lunch, a single click instantly restores the workspace to its previous state, including open editors. This means far less time is spent repeatedly searching and scrolling to find the relevant code and other information. 

Automate time tracking

Because Tasktop Dev users activate their tasks or cards to benefit from the task-focused interface, the time spent on each card is already available. Each Mingle card includes a time tracking section that provides a summary of how much time was spent during a given period. Time spent can be adjusted as needed to account for meetings, design time at the whiteboard etc. before uploading the data directly to Mingle.


What about Twist and Cruise?

Mingle is a part of ThoughtWorks Studios’ Adaptive ALM product suite that includes Twist test automation and Cruise release management products. Further Tasktop Dev Pro integration with Twist and Cruise will be available in March 2010. Sign up to be notified about further integration on the ThoughtWorks Studios Connector page.

Try it

The Mingle Mylyn Connector is now included in Tasktop Dev Pro. Download a free trial

If using an IDE based on Eclipse 3.5 or later with Mylyn installed, Tasktop Dev Pro can also be installed via the Connector Discovery wizard by clicking “New Task” in the Task List toolbar and then clicking the “More Connectors…” button.