Mic Check: Dominica DeGrandis excited for her first Tasktop Connect

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Ahead of Tasktop Connect next week (6th December Washington, DC) I’ve been speaking to some of the scheduled speakers to give you a flavour of what to expect from the event. Next up is Making Work Visible author, Dominica DeGrandis, who joined Tasktop last September as the company’s Director of Digital Transformation.

Hi Dominica! Thanks for taking the time to chat. What were the key factors that led to you joining our company?

So many things to love about Tasktop. Outside of the people, the culture, and the leadership strategy, I love how Tasktop works to fix communication debt. All my career I’ve worked at the boundary between different teams – between Dev and Test, Engineering and Ops, Product and Marketing. If there’s an intersection point between teams, I’ve been there. It’s these handoffs of work that create problems with siloes and fragmentation and delay in the flow of work. This is one of the main reasons that attracted me to Tasktop – they are taking on communication debt and I’m thrilled to contribute towards the effort.

It’s your first Tasktop Connect – what are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to meeting leaders at large enterprise IT orgs who are winning by focusing on systems thinking and optimizing their value streams with a focus on flow. Very excited to talk attendees through our Value Stream Canvas Exercise and get some welcome feedback. The exercise provides a practical learning experience for how teams can start applying concepts from the Flow Framework™, as captured in Project to Product.

Your presentation and Lean Coffees sessions at DevOps Enterprise Summit last month were a huge hit! What did you learn from your experience at the event?

Yes – standing room only around the Lean Coffee tables! Biggest takeaway for me was hearing people describe how they struggle with organizational structure and process. For example, lots of “a-ha!” moments occurred during discussion around problems related to “bringing people to the work” versus “bringing work to the people”. Operations teams can get “brought to the work” when projects are thrown over the wall to them to maintain. Bringing work to the product teams ensures the same group of people with the expert domain knowledge are consistently involved in the product’s lifecycle. They stick around to deliver those changes to production. They care. They are invested. Managing work by product versus project certainly turned some heads during these sessions – and we hope it will at Tasktop Connect too.

You’re speaking at the event. What will you be talking about and what do you hope the audience will glean from your session?

I will be talking about making connections visible to defrag your value stream. I will help attendees to reduce communication debt by focusing on handoffs between teams. Often, details get lost in email (or a messaging tool), which impacts communication, collaboration and delays delivery. For example, when Dev works in Jira, and Ops works in an ITSM tool, how can they see possible impacts to each others’ work to avoid miscommunication? Synchronized handoffs help teams become aware of mutually critical information and reduce delays. “Things take too long” is a problem that all companies grumble about, especially in large enterprise IT. Across my session and everything else that Connect has in store, we will help attendees to solve this issue and more.

Dominica in action!

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018, Las Vegas

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