How do I measure the productivity of my software development team?

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The eternal question for organizations worldwide – how do you measure the productivity of your software development team?

There have been many attempts to answer this question, yet a solid measure continues to elude the industry.

For instance, counting output such as the number of lines of code produced is insufficient as there’s little point in counting lines that may be defective.

Quantifying input isn’t easy, either – do you count the number of individuals? The number of hours spent coding? The total hours spent working? What exactly is productivity in software development?

First, we need to establish how developers themselves perceive productivity. If we can determine what factors lead to perceptions of productivity, we can then look to recreate those factors and help developers feel more productive more often. And if a developer feels more productive, they’re more than likely to deliver better work faster.

To better understand how developers perceive productivity, researchers observed professional software developers from international development companies of varying sizes for four hours each. The findings – revealed in the white paper Understanding software development productivity from the ground up identify the key factors that make developers feel productive, and provide compelling insight into how to eliminate the activities/tasks that drain developer productivity.

Are you measuring the right thing?

What are Flow Metrics in Software Delivery?

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  1. Very Informative. We are looking for productivity measure for our organization.
    The effort required to build the system (input measure) – Number of Story points completed in a unit of Time
    The size of the software that is delivered (output measure) – Number of feature delivered in a release

    But need more info on measures, process, demonstration tools to measure it. hope you guys can help us

    1. Hi Prabhu,

      Thanks for the feedback. We’d be delighted to provide more information on measuring and improving software developer productivity.

      Contact us today and a team member will be touch.

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