Marketing Intern to Marketing Specialist: Why I Chose Tasktop

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My journey with Tasktop started in May 2014 when I accepted a position as Tasktop’s first marketing and events intern. While I had experience with marketing and event management from college, I lacked any knowledge of the software industry. The truth is, I initially never wanted to work in software. Music was my first love and I had always envisioned myself working in the music industry.  What I didn’t expect is that despite not wanting to work in software, I wanted to work at Tasktop.

On the first day of my internship I began learning about the company and about my responsibility to plan, coordinate, and manage multiple conferences that Tasktop would be sponsoring and attending over the course of the summer. As an intern new to Tasktop and the industry, this was a heavy weight put on my shoulders. And though I was confident in my ability to execute these tasks, the encouragement and support my mentors and co-workers provided me with is when I knew I would enjoy working at Tasktop and gain more hands-on experience than majority of other companies.
When I wasn’t working on Tasktop’s events, I always was presented with opportunities to help me become a better well-rounded marketer. From actively participating in meetings, to assisting with media lists, preparing analyst briefing documents, creating social media content, and even helping with HTML for the Tasktop blog, the opportunities for growth are virtually unlimited. Which is ultimately the reason why I decided to continue growing with Tasktop after college.
In the past year at Tasktop not only have I seen myself grow as a marketer but I’ve also seen the growth in the company. With new product releases of Tasktop Sync and Tasktop Data, a company wide rebranding and new website launch, and the new certified services partner program, Tasktop’s accomplishments are evident. But the reason why Tasktop lives up to its mission of connecting the world of software delivery is because of the team of hard-working, passionate individuals dedicated to bettering the company, their co-workers, and themselves.
As a recent college graduate and now the Marketing Programs Specialist at Tasktop, it wasn’t software that changed my perspective on the industry it was working at Tasktop. So if you’re like me and think software isn’t for you, think again and find out how Tasktop can change your future.