Managing Energy, Prioritizing Health: The Tasktop Recharge Days Initiative

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Caring for each other’s growth and happiness is a core brand value at Tasktop for reason. The company is led by people who recognize that happier and healthier employees bring more enthusiasm and energy to their work and produce better results. That’s why the company has recently unveiled the Tasktop Recharge Days initiative—which took place last week between July 1-5—to give us time to rest, reflect and revitalize ahead of another successful quarter.

“This has been a long stretch of hard work, juggling personal life and work from home, and pushing relentlessly on blazing the path for Value Stream Management (VSM),” says Dr. Mik Kersten, our CEO and founder. “We have so much exciting work ahead of us, but it is going to continue to be more of a multi-day trek than a short sprint. Managing our energy through this is key, and the best way to do that on long treks is with some good rest stops. This cross-company recharge will help us maintain the passion and commitment to each other, our customers and our vision for VSM.”

The launch of this initiative is most welcome following one of the most stressful years in living memory. It has never been more important to prioritize employee mental and physical health. At the same time, this recharge time did not impact our premium customer service and support. A core set of Tasktopians were on-call to provide 24/7 assistance for our SaaS solutions (and will be taking their Recharge Days at a time of their choosing to ensure they get the rest they need as well!).

This initiative is one of many at Tasktop that focus on employee well-being. In addition to a generous fitness allowance program, the company is also working with a third party to provide teams with online mental health classes and workshops.

How did Tasktopians Recharge?

Lakes, beaches, castles, horses and rapids…we’re an active bunch with eclectic tastes. These snaps capture the spirit of what the Tasktop Recharge Days are all about…

Michael Jahn, a Lead Value Stream Architect, enjoyed some fresh air and a beer by the Baltic Sea.
Senior Systems Administrator, Michelle Santos, embraced a different type of cloud at Golden Ears Provincial Park in BC.
Lori Hagewood, Director of Technical Account Management, took her family to their first pontoon boat on the lake.
Christoph Tiele, Technical Lead, took a step back in time to Dornburg Castles in Germany.
Regional Sales Manager, Bryan Kemp, and his family opted to relax by hurtling down some rapids in Ashville, NC.
Tomek Zarna, Solution Engineer in Customer Success, found a novel way to ensure that he had a quiet afternoon…
All smiles for Rob Elves, VP of Product Strategy, and his family as they hit the lake.
Steve Mark, Senior Customer Success Engineer, took the opportunity to make his neighbors green with envy with his fine lawn crafting.
Sébastien Coquelin, Staff Software Engineer, and his family found themselves dwarfed by the trees on Vancouver Island.
Regional Sales Manager, Bill Bogasky, scaled the heights at Bald Knob in Moultonborough, NH.
IT Director Mike Packer saw some pretty special sunsets in Harrison Hot Springs.
Steffen Pingel, Principal Software Engineer, used his remaining energy to somehow cycle from Austria to Italy.
Shawn Minto, Senior Director of Technical Services and Support, found some inner peace by riding some waves. We’re assured he is really having fun.

Kavitha Bangera, a Customer Success Engineer, met some furry friends with her kids.
Tina Dankwart, Senior Value Stream Architect, took some time to tend to her beautiful garden.
Andy Farmer, Sales Manager, took the skies on horseback.
Continuing the equestrian theme, Principal Flow Advisor, Kate Chajka, helped train some wild mustangs with her sister (as you do).
Software Engineer, Nolan Mullins, hiked the Rockies with red wine for sustinence.
One of our Principal Flow Advisors, Dominica DeGrandis, found a way to keep her chickens cool during the heatwave on the west coast.
Brian Ashcraft, Director of Knowledge and Education, won the jackpot at the casino…
….which may or may not explain how Brian ended up in the desert…

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