Introducing Tasktop news summaries

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Every week we come across a growing number of thoughtful articles and blog posts about the task-focused interface technology behind Mylyn, Tasktop and other task-focused tools. These posts include events, how-to’s, experience reports, and reviews of task-focused software. Starting today, we will post a weekly summary of interesting task-focused content. If you would rather omit these summaries from your feed, please update your reader to use this feed URL: Since this is the first community news post, here are some of the best news items from the past several weeks:

Eclipse DemoCamp Vancouver by David Green:

“Being an avid Mylyn user, I can see how Tasktop adds a lot of value beyond the basics of Mylyn. As an early beta user of Tasktop ages ago, I’m impressed by how far they’ve come.”


Last Night Eclipse Demo Camp by David Dossot

“The whole evening was driven by the Tasktop guys, which gave us a chance to get a feel of the interesting ecosystem that is growing around Mylyn. I would like to turn the spotlight on two projects which are worth discovering on your own…”


Eclipse Democamp/Holland Open by Jos Poortvliet

“you MUST have a look at Mylyn”


Eclipse Mylyn & Trac by Jumar Mohan

“It is really a good plug-in to try.”


Mylyn & ProjectLocker by Runako Godfrey

“One of the more common questions we get at ProjectLocker is whether Mylyn works with ProjectLocker … Good news: ProjectLocker works with Mylyn without any special configuration. We’ve put together a short screencast to show how to get started.”


Eclipse question by Eclipse Newbie

“I’ve been drawn to Eclipse by a few features, notably: Mylyn, and would like to try it out.”


Mylyn and trac 0.11 by Thomas Einwaller

“If you get used to this kind of “task oriented” working it is hard to do anything without.”


What Dan Nedelko has been up to for 2008-11-21 by Dan Nedelko

“Eclipse+Mylyn+Subclipse==very cool”


Mylyn: Indispensable by Denis Roy

“I have been using Mylyn heavily for about a year now. I hadn’t realized how much it has embedded itself into my work habits. It was just how I did my job and I never paid attention to how much I was using it. Then my laptop crapped out.”


Mylyn Converts Wiki-Based User Guide To Eclipse Help by David Green

“Using WikiText Ant tasks Mylyn is able to convert the online wiki content into Eclipse help using an automated process.”


Improving Productivity in Zend Studio 6.1 using Mylyn by David Irving

“I really recommend that you check the plugin out and integrate it into your work process as it makes everything a little bit easier.”


Another look at Tasktop by Savio Rodrigues

“The core of Tasktop is Eclipse Mylyn, an open source product. However, Tasktop Starter and Tasktop Pro add additional features and capabilities through commercial, closed source products. Very smart choice if you ask me.”


Using Mylyn with Google Code by Alex Ruiz

“Using Mylyn to work on tasks in a project hosted at Google Code is pretty easy, thanks to the Generic Web Repository Connector created by Eugene Kuleshov.”


Using Mylyn with Google Code – Updated for Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) by Alex Ruiz

“The instructions I previously posted to set up Mylyn to work with Google Code do not seem to work with Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede). Luckily, readers of the previous post have kindly left comments with updated instructions on how to make this tool work again.”