Introducing ‘Tasktalks’ – the Tasktop podcast

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Tasktalks is an engineering-focused podcast telling the stories of Tasktop’s engineering teams from internal practices to the challenges they face day-to-day.

It’s quite common to run into issues and business problems that stall progress. Whether we’re trying to improve a process, have better communication with other departments, have better communication with our own department, or if we just need a new way of pushing the needle forward, there’s a chance that someone else has already faced the same challenge.

Tasktalks is a new podcast that shares real stories about the challenges those in software delivery face everyday. Regardless if you’re simply going through the process of managing WIP, trying to determine which tools your team needs, or going through a company transformation like DevOps, we will be drawing primarily on Tasktop’s own experiences as we candidly discuss growing pains and key learnings. We are hoping to provide insights on some of the issues organizations may be facing, as well start a discussion on the evolution of how software can be delivered.

What’s in this episode?

In this episode, we talk about the steps taken to expand a new technology across multiple teams. Specifically we talk about adopting Docker more widely across our organization. Kevin Stark, a Software Engineer here at Tasktop, interviews Tim van der Kooi, a former co-op and a key member of the team leading the Docker adoption, about the hurdles of adopting a new tool.

Key Steps Include:

  • Start with the problem we are trying to solve
  • Identify possible solutions
  • Evaluate each solution determining decision factors
  • Onboarding and enabling challenges

You can learn more about the Tim’s experience by reading his blog post Lessons in adopting Docker to decouple applications from infrastructure