I know what I did last week

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Note from Mik: I have updated the title of the blog to Less is More, which reflects the design ideology at Tasktop. While I’ll continue to be the main author and editor, I’m happy to announce that others at Tasktop will be posting about our journey towards the task-focused desktop, starting with this post by Gail.

Have you ever wondered what you did last week? Some of the time, you might ask this question because you want to keep improving your productivity. Other times, you have to fill out time sheets or report activity to your organization. If you have ever struggled with this, check out the dashboard view below that will be available in the summer release of Tasktop, coming at the end of July.

activity report

What you see above is a screenshot of Mik’s activity. At a glance, it is easy for him to see how much time he spent on each task last week and when he was working without a task active (gray bars). On the right hand side, the pie charts break down his time into categories and working sets, which are split along the different projects on which he works. The really great thing is that you don’t have to change how you work with Tasktop to get this information, as it is gathered automatically in the background. In addition to giving you an overview of your workweek, the Tasktop Summer release includes a reporting feature that enables you to created sophisticated reports with activity from any past period.

If you are a Tasktop user, a generated report includes all time spent at the keyboard. If you are a Mylyn user, a generated report includes time spent with Eclipse active. When reporting, Tasktop allows you to adjust the time spent on a task (up or down) so that you can account for such activity as time spent in a meeting. Internally at Tasktop, we’ve been benefitting from being able to see where our time goes, even if it’s sometimes frightening to see how long some tasks take! It’s exciting to be able to share these benefits with others. Get on the early access list now to try this if you’re already a user, sign up for notification of the release at https://blog.tasktop.com or watch this blog for news about the upcoming release.