HP OEMs Tasktop Dev for HP ALM 11 Customers

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We’re pleased to join HP in announcing that customers of HP ALM 11 will now be able to take advantage of many of the features of Tasktop Dev through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version created for HP ALM 11. Most notably, by connecting developers using their tools of choice to the application lifecycle, this new OEM version of Tasktop Dev is now an integral part of the HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) suite.

Leveraging the Tasktop Dev OEM extensions, ALI aggregates task-based information from multiple development tools to provide complete traceability from requirement, defect and user story tasks to code changes managed with leading source code management (SCM) tools. In other words, developers get all the benefits of Tasktop Dev and Eclipse Mylyn for this enterprise ALM tool, while testers, business analysts and other lifecycle stakeholders are able to work more efficiently since collaboration with development is captured and connected.

Welcome Tutorial

The OEM version of Tasktop Dev is available from HP in HP ALM 11 now as part of the recently announced ALI 2.5 and includes the following key components:

Eclipse IDE integration – HP ALM 11 customers can now access HP ALM artifacts directly from within Eclipse. Also bundled with the OEM are: the Subversion (SVN) Eclipse Mylyn Connector for Subclipse and Subversive, Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) Eclipse Mylyn Connector, and the Eclipse Mylyn Connector for Hudson/Jenkins. This allows Linux and Mac users to access and update application defects and requirements from HP ALM 11.

Workspace auto-provisioning – New Tasktop Workspace Provisioning technology allows developers to auto-provision development environments comprised of IDEs, SCM and build management systems to automate many of the time-consuming and administrative tasks that erode developer productivity.

HP Agile Accelerator task board for Eclipse – Tasktop’s developer-centric Agile Planning board provides developers with an Eclipse IDE interface for accessing and updating HP Agile Accelerator plans. The planner includes an Agile task board that provides a visual and developer-centric representation of project progress. This provides developers with improved visibility into team sprint status while making it easy for developers to keep plans up-to-date without leaving their home environment, the IDE.

SCM traceability automation for HP ALI – By tracking development activity, Tasktop automates traceability between the source code committed to repositories such as Subversion, and the corresponding defects and requirements that are identified and tracked in HP ALM 11. The new HP ALI 2.5 solution is a key component of HP ALM 11, which provides enterprises with the real-time visibility and traceability between HP ALM and open source SCM systems. For developers, the task to change traceability information is navigable directly within the Eclipse development environment. Other stakeholders can view the code associated with a given requirement or defect from the HP ALI reports interface in HP ALM.

In addition to the components above, which are already available today, we’re working on a forthcoming update that will also include an HP-branded version of Tasktop’s welcome tutorial screen. This provides quick access to key features and content for getting started with the IDE integrations. The screenshot above provides a sneak peak at how this will look. We will continue working with HP to provide HP ALM customers with additional functionality and usability as part of this OEM.

workspace provisionining
Automatic Workspace Provisioning

For all HP Quality Center users, previous HP ALM users (version 10), and users of HP ALM 11 looking for any of the 60+ additional commercial and open source connectors not included in the OEM, Tasktop Dev Enterprise Edition offers all of the above functionality as well as integrations with other vendors’ ALM tools for $199 per user per year.

For customers looking for high quality synchronization or linking capabilities, the Tasktop Sync product line offers a server solution that provides all of the other constituents in the software value chain, from project managers to testers, with the information they need in their tool of choice regardless of where the information originates.

hp awardTasktop has developed a strong relationship with the HP ALM team and we’ve been working closely with HP R&D and product management to deliver products that augment HP ALM with Tasktop’s developer-centric capabilities. We are pleased to have received a Partner of the Year award in recognition of the cross-company collaboration that led to this product, and look forward to bringing more of our innovations to HP users.

Contact us for more information on Tasktop Sync, Tasktop Dev, or the HP OEM version of Tasktop Dev.