How to sharpen your competitive edge in a digital world

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Competitive advantage in a digital world hinges on how fast you can deliver the right software products to internal and external customers. By “right” software, we simply mean a product (i.e. a set of features) that delivers value to a customer’s business.

It’s therefore logical to optimize the enterprise software delivery process for:

  • Faster time to value
  • Higher quality products
  • Premium digital experiences
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced production overhead
  • Tighter customer feedback loops

What is blunting your competitive edge?

While a typical software value stream comprises the very best people, best-of-breed tools and methodologies (such as Agile, DevOps, and other IT transformations), many organizations are still not seeing the results they want. Despite their best intentions and high investment, they’re still playing catch up with nimble digital disruptors who have software in their DNA.

Either software is too slow out of the door, there are too many defects to get in production, or the product delivered is not what the customer asked for. And when these mature organizations do attempt to analyze the process to try to measure and improve it, they find it difficult to even pin down what they should be looking for.

A time- and cost-intensive IT audit may bear some fruit – but only if you have the time and budget to conduct such a labor-heavy endeavour.  If, like many organizations, you simply don’t have the capacity or resource for such a big and disruptive initiative, there is an easier solution.

Sharpen through Value Stream Integration

Through Value Stream Integration, organizations can create a modular tooling infrastructure that connects all tools and specialist roles in the software delivery value stream to make the process visible, traceable, measurable, and manageable.

Any bottlenecks and opportunities to improve efficiencies can be quickly identified in a few clicks through a dynamic visual interface. And CIOs can systematically increase speed to delivery; increase team capacity; improve product quality; and optimize for business outcomes.

Download our new white paper on the topic to gain a clear introduction into how Value Stream Integration optimizes enterprise software delivery and continuously sharpens your competitive edge.

And for more a personalized look into how integration can help your business, request a customized demo of your favorite tools being integrated to see how you can accelerate your time to value and yield tangible business results.