How to Guarantee Failure in Your Agile DevOps Transformation

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Many organizations make the same mistakes when it comes to scaling Agile and DevOps and then attempt to rectify those mistakes by formulating a new strategy—only to miss the real reasons why the initiative failed.

As someone who helps companies through software delivery transformations, I’ve seen my share of ineffective behaviors. What I find most difficult to watch is organizations that make the same agile and DevOps scaling mistakes year after year.

Recently I made a visit to a Fortune 100 company where the last two VPs responsible for the transformation had been let go. In the meeting, I took some notes about what might be happening to the company’s Agile and DevOps initiatives to get them into such a bad state. I had a vivid image of a billion dollars wasted, and billions more that would be wasted if they didn’t learn from the past. This lead me to create a set of anti-patterns that you want to avoid at all costs.

You can read more about the anti-patterns – the mistakes made by large organizations during Agile DevOps transformations – in my article published in CMCrossroads: How to Guarantee Failure in Your Agile DevOps Transformation.

And if you have questions or would like to discuss my findings and recommendations, leave a comment and I would be happy to discuss.