Hey Guys… While the Women Strike, Consider This…

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I believe that Women’s International Day has special significance this year. With the heightened political atmosphere charged with undertones of misogyny, the Women’s March shining a light on women’s rights and voice, and high profile news stories about sexual harassment, it just seems like Women’s International Day should be particularly meaningful and hopefully memorable in 2017.

So on this day where many women are striking to help bring attention to the value of women to our economy and our culture, I have a challenge for the men: be part of the conversation about women’s rights and social justice.  The fight for women’s rights and equality can only be won if it is not just women having the conversation.  We need men to play an active role in change.  And that means bringing men into the fold to talk about and consider why it is so important to have women in the workplace – treated and paid equally.   

I think it is apropos as men are at work looking around at empty desks, or, worse yet, looking around at not empty desks because your company is mostly male, to take a brief moment to consider why you value women in the workplace, and see them as equals, then share that story with your wife or partner or female friends.  Or grab a couple of your colleagues, gather around the water cooler and tell a few good stories about why you think having women as equal participants in our economy and workplaces is better for you, better for your company and better for the world.

To that end, at Tasktop, our CEO, Sr. Director of Business Development, Sr. Director of Engineering and Sr. Director of Technical Solutions have all contributed their thoughts as to why Tasktop is a better place to work and produces better work output because we value diversity and constantly strive to attract and retain women in the workplace.

Mik Kersten, Tasktop CEO: From co-founder to every team and level of management, Tasktop has thrived by actively seeking and fostering an environment for women in tech.  The diversity in thinking and problem solving that results produces better innovations and better business results.  As high tech businesses continue to become more complex and more creative, the companies that are enlightened to this will outperform those who are stuck in the stone age of the boys’ clubs.”

Wesley Coehlo, Tasktop Sr. Director of Business Development: “Tasktop is absolutely a more successful business because women are involved. 75% of Tasktop’s Business Development team members are women. Because of their contributions we have been able to drive substantially higher revenue and become the most widely adopted integration technology for SDLC application vendors.”

Lucas Panjer, Tasktop Sr. Director of Engineering: “Tasktop is a more successful business because women are involved. (It’s really that simple). It’s the diversity, the perspective, and experiences that are brought to bear in design, decision making, strategy and execution. These things are concrete, important, and contribute to a better overall culture, product, and business. However, I would argue, these are less impactful reasons and that the impact of women is far bigger and simpler to explain. We’re not making the most of our world, society, and personal and professional opportunities if women, and any under-represented groups, aren’t fully present, participating, and at the fore. If women aren’t fully here, we’ve lost out on potential, and created a huge opportunity cost for ourselves, this company, and society as a whole.”

Shawn Minto, Tasktop Sr. Director of Technology Services: “Tasktop successfully supports our customers because of the dedication of the women involved. Whether it be working tirelessly with a customer to troubleshoot and solve a problem whilst building a strong relationship, understanding a new tool and it’s use in its entirety or working through complex legals to complete a sale, the women of Tasktop use their intelligence and skills to excel at their tasks. Through their perseverance, passion and commitment to everything that they do, they are integral to our success.”

These thoughts, coming from our male colleagues, make me extremely proud to be part of the Tasktop team and hopefully they will inspire other men to come forward and be a champion for women. It’s really being a champion for all.