German Auto Industry Trimming Development Time with Lean ALM

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speedometerIf you agree that Germany epitomizes automotive manufacturing excellence, then you may be interested to know that improving software development processes has become a major theme for leading German auto manufacturers.

In her 2014 CeBIT speech, Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about the need to embrace the challenge of becoming a leader in software development to stay on the leading edge of manufacturing. And major German tech firms are focused on achieving a better balance between software and hardware to maintain global leadership. One automotive firm stated that software development will become the single most important consideration in new product development engineering.

This means that DevOps, Agile and Lean are a focus for many automotive manufacturers looking to improve software development lifecycles. Some are even building “software manufacturing plants” to help maintain Germany’s position as an engineering leader.

Read more about the direction the German automotive industry is taking in Martin Kasbauer’s article recently published in Manufacturing Business Technology. The article covers the challenges these companies face as they aspire to lead the world in manufacturing as well as how to address them.