From Classroom to Telework: What I Learned About B2B Product Marketing As a Tasktop Intern … During a Pandemic

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“Why are you excited to join Tasktop?” was one of the questions I had to answer on my first day as part of a short self-introduction that HR would share with the company. 

“I’m excited to be part of a work family, to learn and develop my skills, and to work in a pleasant and professional environment.” Now, four months into my product marketing internship, I can say that all of these goals have been fulfilled. 

When people ask me why I like Tasktop, my first response is “people.” Everybody is so friendly and kind, eager to connect, willing to help, and down to earth. Even on my first day (which was sadly remote), I got emails from Tasktopians welcoming me aboard, even from some people who I wouldn’t work with personally. We truly are a family here at Tasktop and I’m happy to be a part of it. 

Finding an Internship in the Midst of a Pandemic Felt Like a Stroke of Luck 

As a 22-year-old Romanian who moved to New York to pursue a B.A. in Communications and Media, I always felt like I wanted to work in marketing, communications or related field. I’ve had multiple internships, mostly focused on digital marketing, social media and content creation. But last fall I decided I wanted to dive into a different field of marketing to get a taste of it. That’s how I found the product marketing internship at Tasktop. 

Looking around at all my friends, recent college graduates, who were having trouble finding jobs because of the pandemic, I felt blessed to be able to find an internship, and to top it off — a paid one. For me, the pandemic and its new WFH norm was a blessing in disguise because how else would I be able to secure an internship with a company based in Austin, while I live in New York? In normal times, my hiring manager would have hired exclusively within Austin, so she could mentor her intern in person, in the office. But since everyone’s office is now their home, wherever they are, Tasktop opened the role to any U.S. location and I was hired. 

Working for Tasktop introduced me to a new world of B2B and IT

From the start, I was excited to be interning for a software company that would introduce me to the world of tech and the role(s) marketing plays in a tech company. During my time here, I’ve been exposed to a whole new world of Enterprise IT and digital transformation, as Tasktop provides enterprise software solutions that empower product teams, improve visibility and transparency into their work, and elevate the process of software development as a whole. 

Through the combination of technology, coaching and services, Tasktop equips organizations with everything needed for a successful project to product journey, including tooling, infrastructure and metrics. I learned that Tasktop makes a difference by helping other companies grow and be successful and I am excited to be part of a company that is a leader in its field. 

My learning goals included expanding on my ability to engage a reader, improving my communication and time management abilities, learning how to collaborate with co-workers on various projects, while honing my creative and editorial skills.

Learning About the Endless Marketing Possibilities in a B2B Context 

In a company that cares about each other’s happiness, growth and productivity, I am thriving and growing as a marketing professional, team member and human being. 

My manager constantly checks in with me and makes sure I’m meeting my ambitions and that I am on the right track in my career development. She puts me in touch with people from other departments, so I can learn from them about their jobs and career paths as I’m exploring which careers I’m most interested in. 

This exposure made me realize how many possibilities exist within the umbrella of marketing: demand generation, marketing communications, product marketing, analyst relations, digital marketing, graphic design, UX, and even account management (which is more at the intersection with sales). Meeting people from these departments helped me get an understanding of what it takes for a company to carry out its marketing mission in a B2B context.

What I Accomplished as a Product Marketing Intern

Being in product marketing allowed me to see how the product management and UX team worked. The content we produce goes on to the UX team who embeds it in our product, or it goes to our graphic designer and marketing team who prepare it to be shared with our clients and on social media. 

I learned that product marketing influences product strategy and is very valuable to a B2B company because it ensures product-market fit, including a stronger understanding of customer problems, and it hones in on potential clients through segmentation, targeting and personas. On top of that, it helps the company understand its competitive alternatives and articulate its unique differentiators.

My tasks as a product marketing intern included market research (identifying the mindset of target buyers); creating product usage material (producing tutorials — from writing the script, designing the visuals, to production and post-production); collaborating on thought leadership content; and authoring content with a heavy focus on writing (case studies, datasheets, blogs); and lastly, working on an SEO project.

I could see how my prior coursework and co-curricular experience prepared me for this internship. I used the creative and technical skills I learned in my film classes for the tutorials I produced — for example, for editing the videos. I also used knowledge from my marketing classes for the SEO project, which involved keyword research and writing title tags and meta descriptions, as Tasktop migrates to a new website.

I can already see how I’m expanding my knowledge and all of these projects are helping me attain my learning goals and build my portfolio. As I continue my internship with Tasktop over the next few months, I am sure I will gain even more experience and expand my skills further, while finding my own future path.

Thank you, Tasktop!

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