The talents of some of our newest Tasktopians spans beyond the desk

Zoe BurrisPosted by

As we welcome more talent to the Tasktop team, let’s take the time to go beyond the desk and share how many of our new hires spend their spare time. As a new hire myself, it has been very interesting to get to know the team. From learning about Jordan Kreun’s love for the saxophone to Jeff Downs’ dedication to broomball, it’s clear that this is a truly diverse team, in more ways than one. 

Harvard Business Review writes that “when people don’t have time for hobbies, businesses often pay the price. Hobbies can make workers substantially better at their jobs.” It’s important for us all to include leisure activities that help to expand and relax the mind and body. Especially since we’re all living in a time where there’s plenty of reason for anxiety about health and wellness. 

Welcome some of our newest Tasktopians (and their talents)

Oscar Alvarado grew up playing competitive sports such as soccer and track. In his free time he chooses to read and discover new music. He joined as a Sales Development Representative in Marketing.

Jill Ardaugh has a love for live music, breweries and wineries. She recently joined as our Senior Marketing Operations Manager in Marketing.

Tamara Donnelly is an avid shoe collector and also spends her spare time caring for her very own “tiny human” who you may meet randomly on a Zoom call. She joined as Senior Instructional Designer and Training Project Manager in Customer Success.

Toni Chico Gonzales favors all kinds of sports, especially volleyball and mountain sports. But in his book, there’s nothing like dinner and beers with friends. He joined as a Security Compliance Analyst in Administration

Kevin McGloin switches up his activities by season. He goes skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer and he recently added sailing to his list of hobbies. He joined as Senior Manager of Hub Engineering in Product Development.

Tina Saniee plays the guitar and goes on hiking excursions in her leisure time. She joined as a People Operations Specialist in HR. 

Rami Thukair enjoys swimming and cycling when he’s not working. He joined as a Technical Account Manager in Customer Success.

Learning about how many of our team members spend their spare time has definitely added some interests to my bucket list of hobbies. My favorite things to do include listening to live music like Jill, and I’m currently learning to play the guitar like Tina. I’m excited to join the Marketing Team as Content Manager and look forward to creating some avenues where we can express ourselves beyond the parameters of our job descriptions here at Tasktop. 

Maybe another Zoom-based talent show is in our future, or even some team sports where we can spread our competitive wings during our annual meet-up. Even if you don’t have a talent or hobby, take some notes from those who do and take on something new for 2022!