Eliminate the PMO Scavenger Hunt

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The sheer multitude of projects that an organization undertakes every day puts enormous pressure on the Project Management Office (PMO). And considering that 97 percent of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance and organizational success[1], it’s paramount to ensure they have the best intel to do their job efficiently.

Project managers rely heavily on the PMO to keep them abreast of the latest information regarding their projects, as well as other projects that may have an impact on their work. They also look to the PMO to provide key insights on a product’s journey from concept to delivery, identifying bottlenecks ahead of time to ensure smooth sailing. However, providing such a holistic overview is a huge challenge, which may explain why 50 percent of all PMOs close within just three years[2].

One of the key factors behind a PMOs downfall is related to their access to vital data, which enables them to build the all-important real-time picture of the project portfolio. With regards to software development and delivery, they need end-to-end visibility and traceability throughout lifecycle so they can make key-decisions on influential matters such as resource capacity, labor headcount, project budgeting, IT strategy and so forth.

Traditionally they have acquired this information through a cumbersome, time-consuming scavenger hunt between teams and tools that often work in siloes. Without an intuitive system to gather this valuable information in one place, they’re forced to spend valuable time chasing down status reports, logging into specific tools, merging spreadsheets and involving themselves with other onerous manual work – precious time that could better spent elsewhere.

But it doesn’t have be that way – not with an integrated software lifecycle providing the visibility, traceability and valuable data that they desperately need to their job to the best of their abilities.

For further information, please download our guidelines to eliminating the PMO scavenger hunt.

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