Mylyn 3.0 Webcast: Code at the Speed of Thought

by Mik Kersten, July 30th, 2008

I recorded the talk that I gave at this year’s EclipseCon, JAX and JavaOne conferences. While I was stuck sitting in a chair during this webcast, and as such it may not have quite as much flare or hand waving as a conference presentation, this is the same talk that got me voted into the JavaOne Rock Star Hall of Fame.

The theme of the talk is the idea that focus and flow are key to creative work, and that tool support can facilitate focus and help us maintain flow, dramatically increasing our productivity. I then describe some of the motivations and foundations behind Mylyn’s task-focused interface, including the split between our brains’ semantic and episodic memory systems. After that, things get more concrete with several demos of Mylyn 3.0, followed by a showcase of the tools that make up the Mylyn ecosystem, including open source connectors as well as commercial tools such as the SpringSource Tool Suite and Tasktop.

Enjoy, and feel free to post any questions on the talk, tools and technology. Oh, and since I’ve already been teased about the weird looking drink I take sips from a few times during the talk, a free Tasktop Pro license will be awarded to the first few who can figure out what it is.

13 Responses to “Mylyn 3.0 Webcast: Code at the Speed of Thought”

  1. Jim G Says:


    Looks like your caption and audio halted ~15 min into the video. Pity, too, as I was really enjoying it.

    I’m also going to guess that you were drinking a (non alcoholic) mojito. ;-)


  2. Mik Kersten Says:

    Jim: please try again, it works for me, so I’m guessing that the halt was due to too many people hitting the video at once. If it still doesn’t work, I suggest letting the whole thing download before playing it. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

    Nope, it’s not a mojito of any sort, much as I like to have those when not doing webcasts ;)

  3. Jim G Says:

    Looks fine for me now….guess some gremlin must have got me.



  4. Ian Bull Says:

    Any chance it’s a Green Tea Frappuccino you are drinking :)

  5. Mik Kersten Says:

    Nope, but that’s getting closer. Since the Green Tea Frappuccinos share a key ingredient with that drink, you get free Tasktop Pro license :) But let’s see if someone can guess the actual drink…

  6. Michal Tkacz Says:

    Hello Mik. By any chance, is it this this Matcha Latteâ„¢ drink from Blenz Coffee?

  7. Mik Kersten Says:

    Michal: Yes, Blenz is correct, and that’s the Vancouver Tasktop office people go for coffee when we’re too rushed to walk 3 minutes to Starbucks. To be precise, it was a medium skim non-sweet iced matcha latte. But your guess is close enough, so you’ll be receiving a Tasktop Pro license shortly :) It’s neat that a fellow Pole guessed it, especially since I don’t recall seeing any Blenz coffee shops on my recent trip to Warsaw. Gratulacje!

  8. Michal Tkacz Says:

    Thanks Mik, Google helped me a lot with that one :) As you say, Blenz coffee does not have its shops in Poland.

  9. Pavan Kumar Says:


  10. Brian C Says:

    Would love to see the video, but the audio is way too low. I can’t hear anything when I turn up the volume to the max. Anyone else have this problem?

  11. Wesley Coelho Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Yes the audio is a little low but so far people have been able to hear it (and this is quite a popular video). Have you tried turning up the volume on the video itself? It’s on the lower right edge of the video area.

  12. Rohde Fischer Says:

    Ehm, considered finishing the player? It’s quite annoying that I can’t pause, jump between chapters or anything. I’m on Ubuntu with Google Chrome Beta, thanks.

  13. Wesley Coelho Says:

    Rohde, thanks for letting us know there’s a problem with the player on your Ubuntu/Chrome Beta environment. We’ll do some testing to see if we can reproduce the problem. Meanwhile, are you able to try another browser?

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