Community News, September 18, 2009

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Mylyn-Mantis Connector 3.0.5 released by Robert Munteanu

See what’s new in the latest release of the Mylyn connector for Mantis. Also see features and fixes for the 3.0.4 version.


Connecting Mylyn to a MySQL Database by Maarten Meijer

Maarten has published a series of blog posts about the Industrial Connector, which enables Mylyn to access data in any MySQL database. Maarten’s blog series describes how to create simple and advanced queries with the Industrial connector and even shows how to connect Mylyn to Eventum. See the whole blog for more articles and updates.


SpringSource Tool Suite 2.1.0 Now Available by Christian Dupuis

Check out the latest features in the SpringSource Tool Suite, which is free. The SpringSource Tool Suite includes Mylyn and leverages Task-focused technology in several interesting ways including task-focused tutorials, which show only the code relevant for each tutorial step. The tutorials cover Spring framework development topics such as working with Web Flow and Dynamic Modules.


Integration Plan (part 1) by Victor Palau

Victor has previously written about using Bugzilla to track features with Mylyn and this related post shows how the Symbian Foundation is using Mylyn to for software development planning.


ScrumWorks Pro + Tasktop = Productivity Agile Development Blog

This post provides a summary and review of the Tasktop integration for ScrumWorks Pro and includes a link to the video showing it in action.



IBM Sharpens Rational Tools – The new standard is a bid to make IBM’s Rational change management tools more interoperable with other vendors 

By Charles Babcock, InformationWeek

This article covers the latest news about the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) initiative to define interoperability standards for change management tools. Tasktop is a member of the initiative.


IBM hails ALM standards participation by Paul Krill, InfoWorld

More on the OSLC initiative including an analysis of key players that have yet to sign on.