Community News, March 31, 2009

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Atlassian Eclipse Connector 1.0 – Beta now available by Ken Olofsen

“Anyone using the Mylyn plugin for JIRA understands the value of having a task-focused interface for managing your work. What’s really exciting about the new Eclipse Connector is that we have teamed up with our friends at Tasktop in order to provide similar functionality for code reviews in Crucible as well as your Bamboo continuous integration environment.”

Mylyn WikiText 1.0 Released by David Green

Mylyn WikiText provides wiki markup parsing and editing support for Eclipse, Mylyn, Ant and stand-alone applications. The new WikiText capabilities enable rich formatting of Tasktop and Mylyn task descriptions and comments using wiki markup.

Project Kenai Release Notes: Use Tasktop and Mylyn with Project Kenai

“It is now possible to use Mylyn, the task management tool, with a project that uses JIRA for issue tracking on”

Using desktop notifications by Torkild U. Resheim

Mylyn and Tasktop show popup notifications when there are incoming changes to your tasks. In this post, Torkild shows how to add this functionality to your own application.

Eclipse hints, tips, and random musings by Wayne Beaton

Wayne Beaton demonstates his Eclipse Slideshow presentation software built with Mylyn WikiText. Check out the video and screenshots.

EclipseCon roundup by Alex Blewitt

“About the only big event in Eclipse is the introduction of Mylyn, which allows for context-based filtering of the current working set to reduce the amount of data shown on the screen. That, too, has resulted in its own mini-ecosystem of connectors…”