Community News, July 29, 2009

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ObjectivEClipse 0.2 released by Alex Blewitt

ObjectivEClipse provides support for writing Objective-C in Eclipse and builds on the CDT to provide Mylyn’s task-focused programming support. Check out the screenshots comparing ObjectivEClipse with and without Mylyn.

Installing Mylyn into ColdFusion Builder by Marc Esher

See this post for steps to install Mylyn into Mylyn into an Eclipse 3.4-based ColdFusion Builder. As discussed in the comment thread, Mike Henke has submitted a feature request to have Mylyn bundled with ColdFusion Builder. 

Mylyn with XPlanner by merereflections

Integrate Mylyn with XPlanner with a few easy steps. “Mylyn is a very powerful tool and now we can use it with XPlanner seamlessly”

Crowdsourcing Documentation at Eclipse by Chris Aniszczyk

In this article Chris Aniszczyk shows how the Mylyn project crowdsources documentation and asks whether the same approach would work well for other Eclipse projects. Check out the lively discussion thread.

Using Bugzilla to track features by Victor Palau

See this post for a proposed set of conventions for using Bugzilla (and Mylyn) to track feature development.