Community News, July 2, 2009

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It has been a while since we’ve posted news from the Tasktop and Mylyn community. Here are some of the most interesting posts from the last few months.
I’m feeling Lazy by Chris Aniszczyk

Chris describes the “I’m feeling Lazy” task selection button recently added to Mylyn and how this might be useful. Check out the post for screenshots and interesting follow-up comments.

Subversion + Eclipse3.5 = Easy! by Mark Phippard

Mark shows how easy it is to install Subversion support into Eclipse 3.5 Galileo using Mylyn/Tasktop’s Connector Discovery wizard. “…the Eclipse Mylyn team has made the process super-easy in the Eclipse 3.5 release.”

Mylyn by Tom

Tom writes about his experiences with Mylyn and Tasktop and how he’s using these tools to integrate applications in his organization. “Trying out Mylyn and Tasktop and I love it. Everyone on my project is required to use Mylyn now, and Tasktop…”

Mylyn-Mantis connector quick install in Mylyn 3.2 by Robert

Robert announces the Mantis listing in the Mylyn Connector Discovery wizard.

Mantis in Eclipse with Mylyn by Devexp

This post covers some of the benefits of Mylyn Mantis connector, including automatically generated commit comments. “Well, praise the lord, ’cause there is an open source project out there that does all these things called Mylyn.”

Using Mylyn with Jira without API access by Jey At

See how to connect Mylyn to Jira using the Web Templates Connector when JIRA’s XML-RPC API is disabled or inaccessible.

Mylyn: Integrate Bugzilla with Eclipse by Aneesh

A nice guide to connecting Bugzilla with Eclipse Mylyn. “…whenever a new bug arrives eclipse will pop up a small notification to inform you that there is a new bug. Now you don’t need to depend your browser to read bugs.”

Task Focused Programming with Mylyn and Tasktop by Chathurika Sandarenu

Chathurika walks through installation steps and points out some interesting features of Mylyn/Tasktop. “…Trust me this can improve your productivity many times. I personally experienced this during last two days I used Mylyn.”