Community News, January 21, 2009

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Controlling Your Attention is the New Work Ethic By Gina Trapani Check out this post and the follow-up comment by mark_k. mark_k points out how Tasktop helps control attention by working like a GTD inbox, tracking the context of files needed for a task, and providing task-based time tracking. 

Your Time by Shri This thoughtful article proposes ways to extend Mylyn to better support task-focused time tracking. Interestingly, much of what the author has in mind is already available in Tasktop. “I have always been curious about how I spend my time. It would be useful or at the very least cool, if I could figure out what I did with the 24 hours I get each day. Considering that this is overkill, it would be useful to find out how much time I spend on each task / client at work…”

Eclipse + Mylyn + SourceForge by Metasimian This post poetically points out the benefits of Mylyn, where to find the documentation for connecting Mylyn to SourceForge, and a helpful tip to get it working. “Mylyn is about mental noise reduction … For those of us with a goldfish’s short-term memory, it is a godsend.” 

Eclipse Plug-ins (Your Chance to Win A Copy) by James Sugrue A review of the new “Eclipse Plug-ins” book, which includes content on Mylyn. “This is the third edition of the RCP book, originally titled Eclipse: Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins. The change in title represents the importance of this book. It has become the definitive book on plug-in development, and since I received my copy it hasn’t left my desk.” 

Getting the Mylyn Source Using a PSF File by Rob Williams Thinking of contributing to the Mylyn open source project? Rob Williams explains how to check out the source code in one easy step. “…Now, once you get the psf file, it is a HUGE boon. You simply import it and it even lets you bring all the listed projects into their own Working Set.”