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News“For many years, ColdFusion’s highest requested feature was an IDE” (Fusion Authority). With the recent release of ColdFusion Builder Adobe has met this need head on. Because ColdFusion Builder is built upon Eclipse developers can leverage many standard Eclipse plugins, and we have recently seen an explosion of interest in Tasktop Pro and Mylyn amongst the ColdFusion community. For ColdFusion developers this recent interest results in newly recorded webinars, blog posts, videos, and articles to help get started with this powerful toolset. Here’s a collection of some of our favorites.

Installing Mylyn onto ColdFusion Builder by Mike Henke

Mike’s recent post walks users through the steps necessary to install Mylyn into ColdFusion Builder, including a five minute screencast illustrating each step.

Know your tools: Productivity Tips/Tricks for CFEclipse/CFBuilder by Marc Esher

Mark Esher shares his knowledge of ColdFusion productivity tools with The Online ColdFusion Meetup. You can either watch his recorded presentation to this virtual group or review his presentation summary.

Mylyn – A Task-Oriented Approach to ColdFusion by Mike Henke

In the The Fusion Authority Quarterly Update you’ll find Mike Henke’s article entitled “Mylyn – A Task-Oriented Approach to ColdFusion”. Mike, a longtime Mylyn user, explains the advantages of working task-focused to ColdFusion developers.

This Week in ColdFusion by

This Week in ColdFusion is a weekly podcast for ColdFusion developers. While this week’s version of This Week in ColdFusion was not focused on Mylyn the broadcasters take a minute to explain how Mylyn impacts their productivity (about 11:15 in the video).

Upcoming Mylyn Presentation at UK ColdFusion User Group by Kevin McCabe

Kevin McCabe with be presenting Mylyn at the UK ColdFusion User Group at the start of June. See the group’s webpage for details on this upcoming meeting.

Mylyn in Bite-Sized Chunks by David Shepherd

This collection of some of the best of Mark Esher’s posts from the past few months is an excellent resource for using Mylyn to improve your productivity as a ColdFusion developer.