Columbus Startup Week and visionary founders

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I’ve always been interested in starting and running small businesses–it runs in the family.  After returning from World War II, my grandfather went to work at Mansfield Hardware and Supply.  Years later he bought it from its founder, grew the business, then passed it down to my parents.  Now, after many years of growth and expansion, they are grooming my brother to take over.

I got my chance to play a role in building a business through a separate venture, when I joined Tasktop in its startup phase.  I became very connected to the business and the vision behind it all, and have never looked back.

Seeking further understanding about startups and small business, I recently attended Columbus Startup Week.  This year’s event was bigger and better than ever.  Founders, entrepreneurs, investors and others from the community gathered to share war stories (literally in some cases), pitch ideas (Disha Shidham of Savy is an extremely impressive 18 year old entrepreneur) and network.

I listened to many serial entrepreneurs talk about their experiences building and selling companies.  Its what they are great at: recognizing a need, creating a solution, then moving on to the next big idea. These are impressive entrepreneurs, and yet, they seemed different from our very own leadership at Tasktop.

I didn’t quite understand until hearing Sean Lane talk about his journey to CrossChx.  Sean started several companies in his past and was comfortable as a serial entrepreneur, but then found something bigger.  He is building a company called CrossChx because he believes he can fundamentally change the healthcare industry.

Founders like Sean Lane of CrossChx and our own Mik Kersten of Tasktop are revolutionaries–that is the difference.  They are going all in on their visions; challenging, disrupting and transforming their industries.  Its not just about a vision sold by charisma, energy and passion.  Its backed by research, experience and credibility.  Mik and Sean have grown their companies to 100+ people but both are just getting started.

I love being a Tasktopian.  I work with great people every day to improve the way the world delivers software.

Don’t believe me?  Come see for yourself.  Tasktop is hiring!